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Tarantula Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens

Common Names
Greenbottle blue, GBB
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Bite/Sting Date
15. 10. 2021
Pain Level
Not at all.
I had my 2.5-3" GBB on my lower arm, and wanted to pinch grab it. I should point out that it is in premolt and yes, I know you should not handle a T, especially in premolt, but I wanted to show something to my friends. I tried pinching it multiple times, and it always backed off. Then, I tried to pinch it really fast and the T got startled and ran up my arm. I just felt a bit of a pinch and was not even sure if it bit me or if I felt her leg hooks. 2 mins later it starts itching and notice 2 puncture marks, although one is almost invisible, so it probably got me with only one chelicerae. The only simptoms I had wad severe itching (imagine mosquito but 10x worse), hot/sweaty hand and tiredness (fell asleep really fast and slept a long time. Next day, all symptoms were gone. I should point out that i'm a bigger guy, at 260lbs
2 small puncture marks
Severe itching, hot, sweaty hand, tiredness
Medical Attention
Lingering effects
Just putting this out there, if anyone is interested. Also on the photo it looks almost non-existent, it is more visible in person.


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