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Discussion in 'Welcome To Arachnoboards' started by Arachnoboards, May 16, 2005.

  1. Hinin

    Hinin Arachnopeon

    Hi ya'll!!! My name is Ares and i am 36 years old from Athens-Hellas(Greece)
    My love for scorpions bring me here and the need for experience for them!
    I have 2 Heterometrus 1 male (95%) and 1 female (95%) and here we don't have much informations for scorpions.
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  2. Wolfy72

    Wolfy72 Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Hey everybody....I am NOT a first timer here, BUT, i have been away for quite awhile so in a way i suppose im a fair weather newb, I used to be very big into the hobby, but a move from Canada to the US wiped out my entire collection, so i took a leave...
    HOWEVER , I have recently began to dive back into the hobby i love so much, I have aquired a few T's and lookin to get more, at this point i am a proud pappa of a P.Regalis, P.Murinus,H.Hystocrates, and an H.Maculata I currently only have pics of 1 of my T's, The P.Murinus is currently in molt stage, P.Regalis spiderling having just molted H.Maculata i just got so it's still hiding from me... The site has changed so much over the years, any help or advice is greatly appreciated, how to post on different threads is confusing me, as well as access and stuff like that...and yep, ive read all the welcome threads, im just dumber than a box of rocks...
    So in short Thank you everyone in advance,,, feel free to msg me with advice or what not....

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  3. Candice

    Candice Arachnopeon

    Hi My name is Candice and I live in SE Washington State. My boyfriend talked me into getting a tarantula, now we have 9 (in less than a year) and he wants more!
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  4. Long time lurker — today seemed like a good day to make an account. I live near Dallas, Texas and have been keeping tarantulas (along with other types of spiders) for almost 3 years. I’m thankful to get to talk spiders with people (even if it’s with strangers on the internet! :pompous:)
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  5. Gallo

    Gallo Arachnopeon

    newest newbie around probably

    Im from Brasil, never had a spider, just caught a LP and saved it from being torn apart by a friends dog, and after some research i decided to keep my new friend as a pet

    Its been 2 days now, Im learning everything I need from you guys, feeling very happy about my choice to keep it

    Hope to make friends, get help and share my results and experiences!

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  6. damhan

    damhan Arachnopeon

    Hello to everyone from Banbridge, Northern Ireland. Still gathering information before buying my first T. There don't seem to be too many places close to me that cater for T keepers, so any details anyone has would be appreciated. Thanks for letting me join. I probably won't post too much at first....but I will be reading and learning.

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  7. KNV

    KNV Arachnopeon

    Hi y’all,

    I’ve always had a love for spiders and I’ve always wanted a tarantula when I was younger, but my parents wouldn’t allow that. So now I’ve been out on my own and being independent. The first thing I got were aquariums because I love fishkeeping. Then I got a dog by lucky happenstance. And I finally got my first tarantula, a lil baby A. chalcodes, it is a tiny sling and I feel like a new parent.

    I’ve trolled the internet for info and this place has been really helpful!

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  8. Paladin Exotics

    Paladin Exotics Arachnopeon Classifieds User

    Hello, my name is Murry, I am 25. I am relatively new to the hobby. My girlfriend and I have 9 T's. I live near St. Louis, Missouri.

    3 Brachypelma albopilisum
    -1 sling about 1.5"
    -1 unsexed juvie about 2.5"-3"
    -1 unsexed juvie about 3.5"-4"

    2 Aphonopelma seemani
    -1 1" sling
    -1 unsexed juvie about 3.5"-4"

    2 Aviculara aviculara
    -2 unsexed juvies about 3"-3.5"

    1 Poeciletharia regalis
    - 1 sling about 1"-1.5"

    1 Grammostola actaeon
    -1 unsexed juvie about 2.5"-3"

    My brother Micky is the creator and owner of the Show Me Snakes Reptile and Exotics Show in St. Louis, Missouri. I hope to use this forum to make new contacts in the hobby and find advice and tips on how to keep tarantulas.

    Thanks for reading, I look forward to talking to more of you in the future.
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  9. Auz

    Auz Arachnopeon

    Hey everyone! I made this account a little bit ago, but I haven't been active until now. I'm Auz, I am actually not an arachnid owner. I joined this forum because i enjoy other invertebrates. I currently have 4 roaches - two hissers and 2 Simandoa Conserfariam. I look forward to getting to know a few of you as I get more and more into the hobby!
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  10. FeralTami

    FeralTami Arachnopeon

    Hi all ^^

    I'm Tami and I live in Denmark although I originally lived in England.

    I have just gotten into the hobby after having a huge interest in Ts for years. I've just recently bit the bullet and got my first one and am loving the little guy. :)

    I hope to one day have a nice little collection of different species ^^

    This place has been really helpful in terms of information and I would be lost without it!
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  11. Hello,

    Long time lurker first time poster. I'm Jen, I live in Canada, and I recently got up the courage to plunge into the world of tarantulas. As of writing I now have seven (7!!) and am already plotting where to go from here.

    I was attracted to the forum because I want to learn more about the spiders I keep and make positive friendships with other keepers. I'm not an expert by any means, and I look forward to being educated by some of the pros that hang out here. :) Thank you for building such a great resource for the community.
  12. Hi folks:-

    Just joined as my partner has offered to replace my Chilean Rose Tarantulas, Grammostola rosea (i had 3) 1 i gave away and the other 2 died after i had them 10 and 11 years, with either a Poecilotheria metallica or a cobalt blue tarantula (Cyriopagopus lividus) as a replacement.

    Even though i have only kept Chilean's i have wanted something different for years, would like to discuss these beauties with other owners before getting 1.

    Thank you for such an amazing place to learn.

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  13. Greasylake

    Greasylake Arachnoprince

    Those are terrible choices to jump to from a rosie... they are complete opposites and I suggest you really look at some intermediate species before jumping straight into the deep end.
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  14. I do agree after reading abit more about them, what would you recommend
  15. Greasylake

    Greasylake Arachnoprince

  16. CamoRhino

    CamoRhino Arachnopeon

    Hello from Nashville. I have used the boards as a resource for a while now and i felt like being part of the community. I look forward to posting and commenting. I have a colony of H. Spinifer.
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  17. Zoli

    Zoli Arachnopeon

    Hello everyone, I'm Zoli from Romania. I am a reptile fan that inevitably came across T's. I acquired a GBB sling 1.5 years ago and I just had to get a few more (probably nothing new under the sun :p ). Currently I am the proud owner of 9 T's, Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens, Avicularia purpurea, Avicularia sp. ecuador, Caribena versicolor, Dolichothele diamantinensis, Haplopelma lividum, Poecilotheria metallica and a pair of Pamphobeteus insignis. I'm definitely a beginner and am fully aware that few of the species I own are for experienced owners (also am pretty scared of the lividum and metallica btw, though I never handle any of the T's), but I suppose with common sense, research and experience from raising/breeding reptiles will do just fine. This is a great place for learning and sharing experience.
  18. hi there!!
    i'm a newbie to t's, you can call me comet, castiel, cas, ellie... anything you feel like lol
    i've come to try and expand my knowledge of t's, i'm currently hardcore crushing on homeomma chilensis... though i can't seem to find any :( i'm planning on trying to snag one by May and if i can't i'm setting up to bring home a gr. pulchra!! so excited to meet everyone!! :happy:
  19. Hi, All.
    I'm Mark from Western Australia. I'm new to the whole tarantula keeping deal. So I'm reading a lot and doing a bit of a crash course in invertebrate care.
    Just got two Tarantulas (Selenotypus Sp. Wallace) last week and they're doing well so far. Fingers crossed I'm doing everthing right.
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  20. Heyo! Fairly new to the forum but enjoying my time here so far. My name is Anthony I live in Essex, UK with my wife, my son, and various critters that seems to be expanding every day. I am originally from MA, USA but came over to the UK on a tour of duty with the USAF and decided to stay after meeting my wife. I always wanted to keep inverts since I was a kid, but coming from a strict/religious Portuguese household, *Both my parents are from there* I was hardly allowed to have a snake or beardie. Scorps and spiders were out of the question. I am currently making up for it now. I did not expect that when you order one spider you would end up with 3 more in the same box as freebies XD. I am looking forward to keeping and though I don't plan on having hundreds as I am fine with just a small collection I am starting to wonder if I have a choice or if it is even a bad thing.
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