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Introduce Yourself

Discussion in 'Welcome To Arachnoboards' started by Arachnoboards, May 16, 2005.

  1. Arachnoboards

    Arachnoboards Arachnoboards Team Staff Member

    Hey All,

    Welcome to Arachnoboards. Please take a moment to introduce yourself. Let us know who you are and what brings you here.

    Feel free to post a picture of yourself here.

    This thread is for personal introductions only, please let us know what inverts you have here.

    Hope you enjoy your stay :D

    The Arachnoboards Team
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  2. jtablerd

    jtablerd Arachnopeon

    long time listener first time caller

    wow, i guess i'll pop this thread open, my names john...umm..long time listener first time caller 22 live outside baltimore..shh dont tell the mods that im talkin about this here, but i dont know what else to say except that i love my telecaster...i have a rosie and a wild caught brown recluse.....
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  3. Varden

    Varden Arachnodemon Old Timer

    Newbie Introduction

    Hi, all. I am not only new to this board, I am new to tarantulas. I am just looking into owning my first one and am still in the mode of gathering information on the proper care and feeding of. I know I eventually want a Cyriopagopus sp. "blue" (Singapore Blue), but since the literature suggests this is not a first-timer's spider and intend to work my way up to having one. So far, I have the housing and supplies for an arboreal tarantula, and I've been looking at the Avicularia metallica (Metallic Pinktoe) or the Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens (Green Bottle Blue). Any advice would be greatly appreciated, but I think if I poke around this site long enough, I'll probably pick up some great tarantula-care tips to help me make my choice.


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  4. ally b

    ally b Arachnopeon

    hi there

    well hi every one,

    iam alisa (but prefer ally) iam 23yrs ,
    i live in england in a county called northumberland,

    i used to keep 4 b.smithis bout 4 years ago my last one died so i had a break for bout 4 /5 years .
    so iam back with force i now have 7 Ts all with pet names(i like to think of them as family)
    i will list them some other time.

    oh wot the heck: {D
    in order of wot i got frist

    b.smithi-spling,(female i hope)
    unknown-spling,(90%sure its male)
    c.cyaneopubescens-juv,(not sure sex yet)
    salmon pink(not sure on latin name)-juv,(female)
    golden starburst-*2 spling(not sure yet)

    so thats me guys.
    i speak my mind(which some times gets me in to trouble ;P )

    but thats me.

    look forward to being part of the commutiy.

    ally b.

    P.S. i canrt spell to save my life.
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  5. hey whats up guys? i'm new to this board and have been reading lots of great information. I'm 20 and live in Ohio :( lol well i guess it isn't that bad. I got my frist 2 T's a week ago.

    A Green Bottle Blue 1" and

    Cobalt Blue 0.5"
    ( i know the cobalt has are know for bad attitudes but i just plan on looking at them in their glory :) )

    This has been a helpful site and i plan to come here with any further questions that i may have about my new aquaintances.

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  6. stubby8th

    stubby8th Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Howdy Y'all!

    My name is Tom. I've kept T's now since about '93. I live just East of Dallas in the small but sprawling town of Rockwall. I'm married, 37 yrs old and together my 5yr old, Garrett, we have a collection of 'happy' tarantulas (if you know what I mean). We like to sit down and handle ours.
    I love my arachno-challenged wife, collecting antiques, politics and doing 'guy' stuff with my son and yes, I am an arachno-haulic!
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2005
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  7. Lopez

    Lopez Arachnoking Old Timer

    My name is Leon, I am from South Wales, United Kingdom. I am 25 years old.

    I work for TUi, I drive a Ford Mondeo, I have a girlfriend called Kate who is also a member of these forums (Lostkat)

    My main interests are the Ornithoctoninae and the Selenocosmiinae. I keep a handful of South American species and some Araneamorphs but these make up about 3% of my collection which is comprised of spiders from Asia.
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  8. Sheri

    Sheri Arachnoking

    Just a friendly reminder from the friendly neighborhood mod. ;)

    From Winnipeg, Canada. 28 yrs old. 2 young boys, lots of spiders.
    Post once in a while in The Watering Hole.

    Welcome all! Feel free to ask any questions via PM. I will help if I can. :D
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  9. Ishkabibble

    Ishkabibble Arachnosquire Old Timer

    My name is Ish. I live in Northern Indiana, just this side of Hell. I'm three days older than dirt. I have T's, Snakes, Amphibs, and rats... and some kids, however they resemble the postman for some reason. And I'm currently collecting OW's primarily.
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  10. druid8783

    druid8783 Arachnosquire Old Timer

    My name is Stacey, I'm 21. I had tarantulas but had to sell them because my mom was so afraid of them and I moved. :8o :(

    I'm currently taking a vet assistant course and I work at my parents campground in good ol' "Gaylerd" Michigan.
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  11. shogun804

    shogun804 Arachnogeneral Old Timer

    hello all, my name is david i turned 22 recently i reside in the wonderfull place of chesterfield VA. I am currently a college student studying psychology and soon to transfer to medical school to become a psychiatrist {D . i have been keeping T's about a year im really into Old world arboreal T's. aside from this wonderfull hobby i am also big into golf.
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  12. Windchaser

    Windchaser Arachnoking Old Timer

    Hi, my name is Mark. Crowd answers "Hi Mark"

    I am addicted to tarantulas. It has been a few weeks since I last purchased a tarantula. However, I keep thinking about them. It is a daily struggle.

    Seriously though, I have been keeping T's for many years now. I am 40, the father of three great kids, divorced and an avid sailor. I have been racing sailboats on Lake Michigan for over 20 years. One of the things I enjoy about keeping tarantulas is studying and learning about them. It is a great diversion from the mundane aspects of everyday life.
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  13. TheDarkFinder

    TheDarkFinder Arachnoangel Old Timer

    You may have already noticed the split personality aready. Thedarkfinder is really two people dan and diana. This is dan. We are introchangable so do not worry. I'm 28 and have own tarantulas from the age of 8. My wife has owned them for 16. Di and me have been married for 8 years, dating for 9, and friends for 12. I will be getting my phd in chemistry and botany. My wife will have her phd in computer science in two years (information and security).
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  14. Fred

    Fred Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Hello all. My name is Fred, I'm 14(I know I youngin') I live in Penticton, BC, Canada. I've been in the hobby now for 1 1/2 years I have 7 Tarantulas. During summers I work at the Penticton Lakeside on the Beach. I like jumping on my trampoline and dirtbiking.
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  15. PikaBre33

    PikaBre33 Arachnopeon

    Hello everyone!

    hi there,
    I'm Bre and i own a curley haired tarantula. He's my best little buddy. The reason i signed up on this website was to get some help with him. He molted last night and he appears to have broken his leg in the prosess. So i just came to see if anyone can help us. I would be heart broken if he didnt make it. :(
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  16. VoodooFuneral

    VoodooFuneral Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Hi, I'm Brenna, and I enjoy poking dead things with a stick, pointing out ugly babies, and being the best little neighbor from hell that I can be.
    Joking (or not) aside...I turn 30 on Monday. :eek: I live in the "South" (not on purpose) :D with my recent husband, long-time friend, with our menagerie of creatures including cats, dogs, Siamese Fighting Fish (NOT for fighting), :shame: a snake, and 5 Tarantulas so far.
    I sell stuff on eBay sometimes and love to write, read (yup, I can do both), and paint for fun. Landscaping, gardening, & planting trees is much fun too. I'm a Gemini with Scorpio rising...which I think translates into "manic depressive with A.D.D." :wall: {D
    My hobbies include the "move the letters around, and change the phrase on that sign to something funnier" game. That's it for now- always wash behind your ears, and don't forget to recycle. Take care! :)
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  17. misfitsfiend

    misfitsfiend Arachnobaron Old Timer

    I'm Bruno, 20 YO, I've spent a little more than half my life here in the U.S. and little less than half in Brazil. I was born in Brazil, and I love it there, I love going back. I have yet to master both english and portuguese so excuse any misspellings or gramatical errors(thats what happens when you move back and forth all the time).
    I play music, and collect inverts and reptiles. Aside from my fiance and long time girlfriend those are my biggest passions. I love older rock music and heavy metal, and I'm pretty open minded when it comes to music. I have an obssesion with horror movies and just the evil, dark, horror type of theme. I enjoi movies, and a good show at a good venue. And i think thats more than anyone of you really needed to know...
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  18. Spider-man 2

    Spider-man 2 Arachnoprince Old Timer

    My name is Dwayne......that's all you want to know, trust me.

    MAYBE I'll elaborate later......
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  19. Gem

    Gem Arachnopeon

    Hello All,
    Not taken time to introduce myself yet, names Gem and i'm new tarantulas but am looking forwards to learning lots from all you lovely people, i have a mexican red rump called Hillary and plan on building my collection in the very near future with a little help from you :)
    Thats me, feel free to send me any messages
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  20. MysticKigh

    MysticKigh Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Hey Bre... if you peep around thru the questions and discussions, you'll find a lot of info about difficult moults... and also a lot of folks who have had similar experiences. If your little one isn't bleeding/leaking chances are he'll be just fine. The 2nd T I ever got (he's an ancient G rosea) came to me with his first leg completely gone... he regenerated it and has been wonderful ever since :)
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