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Centipede Scolopendra polymorpha

Common Names
Desert Tiger Centipede, common desert centipede, tiger centipede, banded desert centipede, Sonoran Desert centipede
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Pain Level
Minor pain.
I was bitten several times over a matter of years as a teenager by turning over rocks and rotten logs to catch the local southern California populations of Scolopendra polymorpha. Often times there was tall green grass and weeds everywhere and if these pedes reached the borders of their scrapes into the wild green they would be forever lost so I hand to occassionally reach in there and grab them. Well, let's just say I never dropped one I hand caught and bites usually occurred on final digits of my fingers. Hard to go by on such distant memories to give an accurate pain rating. Quite tolerable, Dasymutilla stings were worse.
Superficial mechanical injury with very little or no blood.
Brief sharp local pain persisted for at very best a dozen minutes followed by mild swelling that lasted a day or two.
Medical Attention
None, only experienced brief local pain no systemic symptons.
Lingering effects
Mild swelling lasting a couple of days at best.
My S. polymorpha envenomations were mild.
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