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Scorpion Androctonus australis

Common Names
Yellow fat tail scorpion, fat tail scorpion, fat-tailed scorpion
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Androctonus australis sting report
Bite/Sting Date
Perhaps 2013ish
Pain Level
Moderate pain.
I was attempting to get the scorpion to crawl out of a Dixie cups bit it wouldn't move so I nudged it on the back of the tail, not knowing it could sting backwards. Didn't see it tag me but felt the prick and knew I'd been stung.
3 inches plus
Numb arm for the better part of 24 hours
I was trying to get it to leave the Dixie cups but didn't want to pour out the sand with it so I nudged it on the back of the tail to get it to move. After I nudged it on the back of the tail I think the second time, I felt a prick although I didn't see it sting me. It had stung me backwards. Within seconds or felt like my finger was being electrocuted. The tingling became intense very quickly and it felt like little bugs were crawling under my skin. The tingling traveled to the joint in my finger, carrying with it an enveloping numbness. It stopped at the joint and stayed there for a short while. Then it began spreading and made its way to the second joint on my right index finger. It stopped there for awhile and then began moving again to my third joint where my finger meets my hand and parking there briefly before traveling into my hand. Then the paresthesia consumed my entire hand and started traveling up my arm. At this point, it felt like someone had a pen and was stabbing me under the armpit like pow pow pow! Looking back it was probably my heartbeat spreading the venom because it seemed to be on a heartbeatlike interval. It was a sharp deep pain. While this was going on, the venom continued to spread. My whole forearm was now consumed with numbness and tingling. It stopped at my elbow. Then shortly after it's brief stop, it started to make its way up the rest of my arm. My armpit was still feeling as if it was being stabbed but when the venom made its way up to it, the numbness eliminated the pain. Part of my forearm was cold to the touch, not just mine but my mom noticed it too. My arm stayed numb for the better part of 24 hours before finally returning all the way back to normal. All in all, I don't think it tagged me that bad compared to what this species is capable of but it was an experience.
Medical Attention
Lingering effects
None after the little less than 24 hour period
Not fun but interesting I suppose. I'll be honest. This review section where it asks me to rate I guess the story I just wrote is kinda confusing but I guess I'll just let that be my review. The story is in the symptoms section though
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