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Androctonus australis


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Oct 4, 2005
Let me just say that I contemplated for a week before I decided to write about this cause i thought people would think I was doing it for the wrong reasons. Than i noticed some deathstalker sting reports in this forum so i thought what the hell..flame away if you would like cause i know what i did was really stupid. I'm 20 years old at the moment but it was when i was fifteen that it occurred.

Me and a good friend of mine had a collection of scorpions and tarantulas that we obtained from a local breeder( i live in toronto). Anyways, me and him got this brillant idea to test out the venom of one of our adult A. australis. The plan was to test out various live prey to see how long it would take it to succumb from the sting. The choices were your basic cricket, a rat pup and a adult brazilian glass wing roach. The first two went by with no problems. Both of them succumbed within 10-30 seconds time. Now I must point out that what made all this so stupid is i was holding each of these with my bare hands and simply brushing it up against the scorps body causing it to defensively sting it. I took the glass wing by the back of the body and held it near the scorp. She lashed out with her tail and it hit the wings and slide off and nailed my finger, she than gave me one more for good measure and darted away.....

Now, I wish I could describe to you what it like to feel like you are going to die. I sat calmly as my friend secured the lid and we both tried to decide what we were going to do. I had heard that the nearest anti-venom outlet was in north africa.. so i pretty much just accepted the fact that this was it for me.

A few hours past and I felt no symptoms accept for the pain in my figure at the site of the sting. Anyways to make a long story short...nothing else happened no systematic symptoms... nothing.. The only reasonable explanation is that i had received two dry stings(i.e no venom was injected)Maybe the scorp used up most of its reserves on the two other prey items..... who knows but it was good to know that i would be able to perform more stupid acts in my life time like getting bit by a giant vietnamese centipede on the tricep,.... lol

For those who were hoping that when they saw this.. they were going to hear a really dramatic story.. sorry but this is what actually happened.. still i can now say that i was stung by the world's most dangerous scorp and lived to tell about it

thanks for reading,

p.s the 3rd centipede bite from the top is my account in the bites section it was just a different user name that i used a few years back.