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Hottentotta franzwerneri

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5th/6th instar sting report
Bite/Sting Date
Pain Level
Major pain.
Rehousing incident my tongs were misplaced so I decided to tail it, I successfully tailed it and rehoused it. The scorpion caught me right upon its release. Moral of the story, if your tongs can't be found be more creative and safe in dealing with rehousing. Or better yet invest in a second pair.
Swelling, my thumb doubled in size
The initial pain was not that bad at all but the pain level rose 5 minutes after the sting and so did the swelling. The worst scorpion sting pain-wise I have ever experienced. For several straight hours my thumb felt like it was experiencing the residual pain of a thumb that had been slammed in a door or smashed with a hammer... only that residual pain of smashing your thumb did I experience. Only that "smashed thumb residual pain" lasted over the course of several hours. I also experienced hyperesthesia in my thumb too it would flare up when I made any contact with it especially soft running water. After a few hours my whole thumb would alternate between ice cold chills to sharp stabbing pain even the tip of my index finger experienced similar sharp pains but no swelling and had not been stung. At the sting site was a weird sensation of something small but thorny crawling right beneath the skin. My thumb swelled up double in size and still experienced soreness 11 hours aftwards. I did experience a mild throbbing pain in my elbow and my armpit for about 30-40 minutes. That kind of alarmed me alittle. Braced myself for systemic manifestations that never came. No systemic manifestations.

Several uncomfortable hours of pain in my whole thumb in which my thumb was immobilized by both swelling and continual pain.
Medical Attention
Lingering effects
Very mild pain and local paresthesia in my thumb the whole next day. Swelling went away over the course of a few days.
Hottentotta franzwerneri can be a highly combative and defensive species. It will stand its ground if it feels threatened and sting readily. This sting may have been worse had I been smaller weight wise (fluctuate between 185-190lbs) or had the scorpion been fully mature. This species has caused no known deaths but that doesn't mean that it hasn't especially in regards to children due to their underdeveloped immune systems and the weight dependency of venom toxicity. Hottentotta franzwerneri is a long medically neglected species. However, an ex subspecies H. gentili has caused nearly a dozen confirmed deaths it is now regarded as a medically significant species.
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