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Scorpion Leiurus quinquestriatus

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Stung by my baby Leiurus Quinquestriatus
Bite/Sting Date
Pain Level
Moderate pain.
I was feeding my baby scorpions and they are in small 2"X2" plastic snaptop boxes. They are getting to the size where they discovered they can stand on their tails and reach the top of the box. One had climbed to the top and was teetering over the edge. I just instinctively put my hand there without thinking to block its escape, not wanting to wrangle a baby up off the floor. When I blocked it, it immediately prompted a sting response.
3i (about the size of a dime)
Localized pain at the sting site, and it appears to have some vascular damage.
Immediately after the sting it was a slight pain almost like a light burning. I would say however a bee sting hurt much more. Within about 5 to 10 minutes I could feel the onset of parenthesis in my pinky. Approximately 15 minutes in it had traveled up to my knuckle. At this point water running on my finger as I washed it made it feel as if I had road rash. It was odd that it was numb but at the same time extremely sensitive to water and cold. At about 30 minutes mark I could feel the venom moving up my right arm to my elbow about 45 minutes in I felt it hit my lymph node in my armpit. 1 hr in and I felt it hit my right chest. My hand felt like I had punched a wall very hard, scraped my knuckle with the sensation of road rash and then lit it on fire. These symptoms lasted just over 24 hrs for the intensity to drop off significantly ( like 1 or 2 ) but it was more like 3 days for my finger to no longer hurt. I did have pain in my back I believe my kidneys, I had stomach cramps and tightness in my chest, however no shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.
Medical Attention
I immediately went to the ER, they had to call poison control to see what to do because they have never dealt with scorpionism. They gave me a tetanus shot, a shot for pain and over the counter anti-inflammatory and pain relief. They observed me for about 3 hours before they released me.
Lingering effects
I still have some discoloration of some veins in my pinky and some ache type pain in my pinky and knuckle.
I rate this at a 3 pain wise and I did require some medical attention. I would say in initially a bee sting is way worse on the pain index, however where a bee sting dissipates rather quickly this just kept going.

I believe that being a baby as apposed to my adult, the sting was far less severe. Another reason I scored it lower was since scorpions can choose how much venom to deliver, the baby gave me a leave me alone sting rather than its entire venom load. The baby only stung once, where this species is know to rapidly sting multiple times in succession, as I have seen them do personally as a keeper as well as it is documented in texts.

Overall I would rate the baby Leiurus Quinquestriatus scorpionism as a 3 with a peak pain index of about 6.


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