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Scorpion Pandinus imperator

Common Names
Emperor scorpion
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3rd instar sting report
Bite/Sting Date
Pain Level
Not at all.
Attempting to nudge the little guy onto my hand he stung one of my fingers. Didn’t feel anything. Just saw he did it. Second time he was on my finger and did it again. (Another finger). Again no noticeable effects at the time.
3rd instar. About 1 inch.
No noticeable damage.
Only very mild itching about a half hour after on the first finger he stung. Nothing on the second finger and I thought he got me better that time. I think the thickness of the skin on my fingers saved me. Might have been less pleasant on the top of the hand or something like that. Again the itching lasted about a half hour. The second one I picked up didn’t sting at all.
Medical Attention
Non required.
Lingering effects
The little guys reared up was too cute not to handle. And I figured he’s the size to start getting stung to get use to it. We’ll see what happens with the next molt. I want to get stung with each molt until it’s painful enough to stop. But I think they seem to be more posers at this stage then stingers.

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Thanks for the terrible rating. I thought it was useful if you were really concerned about being stung by a small emperor.

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