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Today in the Spider Room?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Dovey, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. Thekla

    Thekla Arachnoprince Arachnosupporter

    Rehoused my T. cyaneolum today, and after loads of butt waving it's now sulking like a truculent teenager. There's just no appreciation with kids these days. :rolleyes:

    20181019_new home.jpg 20181019_sulking.jpg

    Oh, and I caught my D. diamantinensis doing some spider yoga the other day. That position must have one of those fancy yoga names, right? :hilarious:

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  2. Marika

    Marika Arachnobaron

    A. eutylenum has closed off both entrances to her burrow, so maybe she's in premolt...or maybe she's just mad at me for giving her a new, substrate-free waterdish :rolleyes:
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  3. RonC

    RonC Arachnopeon

    My G. pulchripes decided to redecorate last night. Built a levee around its water dish without filling it and deepened the hide. Also been offering small meal worms which she ate one earlier in the week but has refused any more. Got a few very small crickets and dropped one in this morning and it lasted about 3 seconds.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2018
  4. antinous

    antinous Pamphopharaoh

    Regular maintainence
    A9AAE9A9-5788-4E00-8F2F-7FBF73CA7321.jpeg 3E14A160-4606-414F-91FC-03D53A9C851C.jpeg 88A53B12-A2FE-4E28-BECD-6B2E17179BE7.jpeg D9335760-F10A-444F-A80A-F83D32BEC37D.jpeg 4FB11F9B-4FF4-44D8-918E-BC4F07BB48C4.jpeg
  5. antinous

    antinous Pamphopharaoh

    Well saw that the flammifera molted and was ecstatic, but then that didn't last as I saw it had most of it's abdomen still stuck in it's exuviae. Spent the better part of 30 min slowly taking it off while the tarantula was running around it's enclosure, but I'm pretty sure I got it all off with the help of two pairs of forceps and a wet q-tip. Time will tell, but hopefully it's fine.
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  6. Arachnophoric

    Arachnophoric Arachnoangel Active Member

    Had to fix a problem in my 6" female S. cal's enclosure - a decorative branch came unstuck from the glass and fell against the front door, keeping me from opening it lest the branch come toppling out, along with the hide and a likely angry African OW. Thankfully I had a top opening to get in and work with, or this would have been much trickier to tackle. She behaved herself and hid away in her den while munching on a superworm, allowing me to get to work without the hassle of having to dig her out first. 5 minutes and 3 sticks of hot glue later, I don't think it'll be a repeat problem. Didn't even dream of letting the entrance to that den out of my sight for a second though.

    She was nice enough to let me grab a pic of her for my troubles. :D
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  7. Marika

    Marika Arachnobaron

    G. rosea sling came to say hi...
    DSC05427 – kopio.JPG

    ...and G. pulchra loves food.
    DSC05434 – kopio.JPG
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  8. antinous

    antinous Pamphopharaoh

    Flammifera seems to be fine, went to check on it today and it came running out with its bum in the air and wiggled it around at me. Probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen a spider do tbh
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  9. WildSpider

    WildSpider Arachnobaron Active Member

    Those pics of them are adorable! Wanna wave back to the little G. rosea.

    Glad to hear it turned out alright, Phormic.
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  10. RonC

    RonC Arachnopeon

    Last night my G. pulchripes I've had for a week decided to close the entrance to its hide. Don't even have a pet hole anymore :). Had a fat black booty last time I saw it yesterday. Time will tell.
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  11. Gaherp

    Gaherp Arachnofarmer Old Timer

    Paired one of the first female C. elegans to drop a sad this season for the second round, and took a little peak at a female elegans that is guarding her sac. Also fed a few of the little slings I have growing up of various species my misses held back for future breeders. Below is the pairing and the female elegans with her sac. Sling pics will be grouped with tomorrow's since I will be doing a lot of transferring tomorrow.
    20181022_132719-1.jpg 20181022_132913-1.jpg 20181022_134051-1.jpg 20181022_134346-1.jpg 20181022_134516-1.jpg
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2018
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  12. Marika

    Marika Arachnobaron

    I decided to rehouse pulchra.

    Her new enclosure:
    DSC05485 – kopio.JPG

    "Ok, there's the garbage disposal unit."
    DSC05491 – kopio.JPG

    "Darn it, I think I'm stuck!"
    DSC05498 – kopio.JPG

    "Yep, my butt's too big."
    DSC05499 – kopio.JPG

    DSC05488 – kopio.JPG

    "That's enough, no more pics!"
    DSC05489 – kopio.JPG

    Already started to bulldoze under her hide. Came out to check if the waterdish was still in the same place, then went back to bulldozing.
    DSC05508 – kopio.JPG
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  13. RonC

    RonC Arachnopeon

    Well mine decided to dig out of its hide so no molt for now I guess. Only in for one day. IMG_0467.JPG T was feeding on a small cricket.
  14. SpaceM

    SpaceM Arachnosquire

    Said goodbye to my first and only scorpion today (Heterometrus longimanus i believe although i'm not sure) in a part exchange for a juvenile P.metallica. Sad to see her go but had hardly seen her since I first got her 6 months ago so wasn't really getting much out of having it.
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  15. boina

    boina Lady of the mites Arachnosupporter

    My MM Tapi sanctivincenti went out to breed today. His new breeder was so impatient he immediately introduced him to his females when he brought him home and sent me a vid. Nothing came out of it yet, of course, so we will see.
  16. antinous

    antinous Pamphopharaoh

    Watching my Pamphobeteus sp. 'cascada' molting right now! It's really interesting to see all the 'prep work' they do before molting.
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  17. miamc12321

    miamc12321 Arachnopeon

    Bean, H chilensis, after fasting, and fasting, and fasting... Not only ate his piece of meal worm, but dragged it up and down his 'burrow' trying to decide what he wanted to do with it :hilarious: It was so hilarious! You really would have had to have been there!

    Attached Files:

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  18. antinous

    antinous Pamphopharaoh

    Watched the entire process of the Pamphobeteus sp. ‘cascada’ molting while drinking wine...anyways, I’m pretty sure I have another male sadly...cool process to watch though! Also when I say ‘sadly’ it’s because I know I’m going to have a pretty hard time finding a female in the short amount I time I have him. That, coupled with the fact that I haven’t seen anyone else really have this species, is going to be a major headache..
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2018
  19. miamc12321

    miamc12321 Arachnopeon

    You've got a cutie there!
    Bilbo decided to come out of Mt. Doom to eat. She snatched up the meal worm, and ran right back. I don't have any pictures of her because she is so elusive!
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2018
  20. Enrgy

    Enrgy Arachnosquire

    my half inch obt molted today after getting it October 1st with a molt already inside it's cup when i got it.(my dealer didn't have them long either) extremely fast growers i see lol...
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 29, 2018
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