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Discussion in 'Welcome To Arachnoboards' started by Arachnoboards, May 16, 2005.

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    Hey there everyone. I'm Adam from southern Kentucky. Back in July I bought a south American Skeleton Leg tarantula and had it for a month and it seemed to do fine, then it quit eating and because I never had a tarantula before I didn't know how to help the poor fella'. It died because I didn't know how to take care of it properly, didn't provide the adequate habitat, or maybe it became dehydrated is my best guess. I figure I could just buy more tarantulas but they seem so difficult to care for compared to other inverts(except centipedes). I don't think it would be smart to buy another tarantula only for it to die as well. Not only that, I like to occasionally handle my pets and tarantulas just cannot be trusted, the risk of getting bit is not worth keeping a tarantula, for me.

    Now, I care for native millipedes, which I am much more well-equipped to care for. I keep my pedes in a 20 gallon glass tank vivarium with my own substrate mix about 2-4 inches deep. I care for at least 4 different species of native pedes and they are all housed in the vivarium, and they do all get along fine. I keep Narceus americanus, Apheloria virginiensis, Auturus evides, and one other specie I haven't figured out what it is yet--all of my pedes are from the wild, and in the future I hope to breed my pedes or at least breed Narceus americanus and Auturus evides. I should probably head on over to the diplopod part of the forums and introduce myself over there as well so I could describe myself better.

    I hope to be a substantial contributing member of this forum in the area of millipedes and centipedes of the western Appalachian region of Kentucky. Peace out.
  2. kythwilde

    kythwilde Arachnopeon

    Hi. I'm Kyth (not my real name, but its the internet. It would be the name I picked for myself if I had chosen it). I'm living in Oklahoma, and I joined because my daughter got a tarantula who unfortunately didn't survive past two months. (she thinks it was nematodes, but idk, since I'm new and know next to nothing about arachnids.)
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  3. h55d

    h55d Arachnopeon

    Hello, I'm from Paris, France. I started to be interested in spiders quite recently, and few months ago I started to be REALLY into it. I read books on the subjects and searched much, much info on the web about how to keep them, I spent like dozens of hours reading what I found or watching videos.

    I've had:
    - Nephilas since end of May. Unfortunately the first one died after 4 days because pet stores "spider experts" are idiots, and the second one died after 1 month for an unknown reason, maybe a bad molt. The third one is very happy in her dedicated terra and already molted twice.
    - Tarantulas since like a month (happy juv G. Pulchripes, I lost my first G. Pulchra sling because I'm an idiot and haven't kept it in an appropriate enclosure and it managed to escape and I've searched everywhere but it's so small... I heard you learn with mistakes, I learn a lot)
    - A nice Zoropsis Spinimana for like a week, that my sister rescued.

    I know many people in the hobby have huges collections but I'd like to keep mine small and only collect different kinds of spider. I'm thinking about Salticidaes and Solifugidaes now.

    You guys are the <edit> reference of araneology, thanks for your help, and I just started to post here after quite some time lurking!
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  4. MadiLim98

    MadiLim98 Arachnopeon

    Hello, my name is Madi. Been a long time visitor on arachnoboards. Finally comenting and trying to get involved. I have four T's and plan to only house more. Love being able to get all the advice and replies from other enthusiasts. Species are brachepelma auratum and alnopilosum, avicularia, and phormictopus sp. Cascada.
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  5. ThorsCarapace22

    ThorsCarapace22 Arachnosquire

    Hi I'm forest!

    Forest Gump!

    Howdy I'm from Menifee county Kentucky. You chew trophy jaw tobacca in those parts? Also what's your thoughts on keeping Ts in this up and down weather. I think it's a pain, especially in a cold holler that will take a hot spell and get up around 98.
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  6. Rockcastle County here.

    I don't chew tobacco but I have a few friends that do.

    I tried keeping a T from South America and I thought I could replicate its habitat. I failed. But keeping native millipedes is a cinch.
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  7. Hi i'm Tom,

    I've been in the hobby before, but set it aside for a while and it's bugging me haha.
    I'm new to the forum but familiar with spiders.
    At the moment i own:

    Omothymus Schioedtei adult female
    Poecilotheria Regalis adult female
    Pterinochilus Murinus subadult female
    Psalmopoeus Irminia sling.

    Im probably gonna expand some more in the future.
    I'm here to learn more about breeding T's, seting up enclosures and materials used.
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  8. Firestorm3

    Firestorm3 Arachnopeon

    Hi all, my name is Joseph and i start discovering the arachnids world in 2018, watching video of Exotic Lairs and The Dark Den and, through the months, i started liking it more and more, till i decide to buy my first tarantulas in April 2019.

    As today i have 24 tarantulas, all slings and only two are juvenile.
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  9. kinglou

    kinglou Arachnopeon

    Hey all, my name is Louie, I'm new to the hobby and think I'm already addicted
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  10. CatCross

    CatCross Arachnopeon

    Hello my name is Catie or Cat for short I got into the hobby of keeping and caring for tarantulas in January 2019 with the purchase of my first, but I have been interested in keeping tarantulas for a long while (did lots of research before I bought my first) I am 28 years old from Chatham County, North Carolina. I look forward to meeting other lovers of these beautiful babies. I’m still really bad at some of the Latin names (except for the ones that are my favorites) mainly because I have no one to talk about them to or brag about how pretty they are becoming with every molt.
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  11. Shampain88

    Shampain88 Arachnomental

    19087F0E-3C4A-490A-914D-2CA59F523394.jpeg Hello folks, I’ve been allowed back ❤️
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  12. Hi all.
    Im Konstantin (Konsa) I am originally from Bulgaria but last 10 years or so I live in UK.
    Completely fascinated with Ts and can feel addition already kicking in.
    Used to have one years ago and getting back into it with getting my first girl yesterday.She is a 3 year old Lasiodora Parahybana and she is supper calm and so sooo qute.

    All the best
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  13. Hi all! I'm Nathan from sunny Perth Australia and have just got into Spiders as pet because I have cats, dogs, birds, bearded dragons,snakes ect and thought a T would be a nice addition. I recently aquired a Australian tarantula Selenotypus Sp 4 sling
    Cheers guys;)

    Attached Files:

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  14. 8LegFan

    8LegFan Arachnopeon

    Hello everyone. My name is Roger. I've always loved Ts but just bought my first one a week ago. Now I have 8. Love learning and discovering new things. Every time I googled something to do with tarantulas this forum comes up. So i joined.
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  15. SikmT7

    SikmT7 Arachnopeon

    What up Arachnoboards thank you for making me a part of your family! My name is Jason, I've been a T keeper for over 11 years. Looking forward to sharing info and learning from experts here!
  16. Chaos4eva

    Chaos4eva Arachnopeon Active Member

    Hello everyone I'm Tomas 49 yo from Miami FL
    I started on the hobby just a few months ago. It's very ironic I used to have aracnophobia and decided to get over my fears as my gf is big time into the hobby. Now I've been bitten by the "T Bug" and already have a few T's
    Happy to be part of this community and ready for proper guidance and great information
  17. Jimi

    Jimi Arachnopeon

    Hey my names jimi i have 3 t's at this moment. I have different types of them. 1 red knee, 1pink toe and 1 curly hair. Im looking for advice to raise them properly and get the full life they deserve.i can't figure out how to get on here an ask qustions. So i'f anyone could help me I'd be very happy an be less stressed.
  18. Lindze

    Lindze Arachnopeon

    Finding my way back into the Tarantula world after a 12? year hiatus. My soon to be 10 year old daughter wants to get into Tarantulas, which makes mom happy (dad not so much)

    I use to cruise the forums as Lindze back in the day. I attended Arachnocon in San Antonio back in 2006 (I believe)

    Currently I am obtaining a set up and Tarantula for the daughters birthday, keep 1 eastern king snake.

    I'm excited to be dipping my toe back into the world!
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  19. Colorado Ts

    Colorado Ts Arachnosquire Active Member

    As a kid growing up, I remember going to the pet shop and wanting to get pet tarantula...mom very adamantly said NO.

    When my son turned 8, he asked for a pet tarantula...I said yes.

    We had Terri for 9 years, I still miss her.

    This last fall I took my Adv Chemistry class to southern Colorado to see the tarantula migration. I've been bitten by the bug. DANG
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  20. Uial

    Uial Arachnopeon

    I remember not being scared of spiders in my childhood but at some point in my teens, I was just suddenly terrified of them. I once spent five hours in the bathroom, because there was a spider in the corridor outside, had to wait until my bf came home from work and removed it.

    Honestly, it was disruptive and unhealthy and I wanted to stop being so scared. So I forced myself to watch tarantula videos on youtube because they were slow and big (I was young and innocent then, and I had no idea about OWs^^) and I wasn't as scared of them as I was of huntsmen spiders for example. And I made a point to look at spiders whenever I would come across them in nature to understand them better and get used to their movements and behaviors. And after a year of that, I was no longer scared.

    I still don't like the European house spiders very much but I can pick them up and get them outside myself. And tarantulas and most other spiders now appear as cute and fluffy as unicorns to me. I'm the official spider delegate in my friend's group. When people see spiders they call me to get them outside, because they know I get sad when people kill them. I was on a trip from work and one of the ladies there called me at 4 am to get a spider out of her hotel room. So that is now my life.

    I'm 28 years old, live in Germany, have eight tarantulas, two of which I have tattoos of and a bf who I've been together with for 11 years and who copes with all of this fairly well^^
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