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Scorpion Centruroides vittatus

Common Names
Striped bark scorpion
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Bite/Sting Date
March 18th, 2020
Pain Level
Moderate pain.
It was evening and I was at home when I felt something drop on my back. I reached my right hand back and felt two stings. Startled, I jerked my hand away, simultaneously brushing/throwing the scorpion off me. My husband caught it with a container and released it outside while I got an ice pack for my hand.
Full-grown, ~2.5”
Small punctures (no bleeding) in my middle finger and the proximal joint of my index finger
Without the ice back, the pain was especially bad at the base of my index finger. It felt like a point of compression and pain from which a more electric-like pain radiated outward. Fortunately, simply holding an ice pack numbed the pain entirely and prevented any swelling. I stopped holding the ice pack once it was only very uncomfortable and this gradually subsided to a tingling sensation over the course of a few hours. By the next day, I felt perfectly fine, only a minor tingling in the index finger if I moved my fingers a lot and even this was gone before 24 hours had elapsed.
Medical Attention
Lingering effects
Only for a time an increased startle response to things crawling on me, lol!
Unpleasant but temporary. I was afraid my right hand was going to swell and be unusable the next day so I grabbed an ice pack immediately. I would do that again if I am stung, as it was quite effective against the pain and I had no swelling.
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