Warning System

Warning System

Our warning system is intended only to create a framework for the Arachnoboards Team to work with. Due to the complicated and infinitely variable nature of possible infractions, we will step outside of the framework where necessary (includes closing/removing threads/posts at our discretion). The same applies to the nature of the rules. If we feel that there is behaviour not explicitly covered in the rules but which is harmful or disruptive to the community we will deal with it as we see fit.

Below is a list of some of the warnings that may be given. All warnings give 2 points and expire after a month (unless otherwise stated). If you reach 10 points, you will be temporarily banned until your point total falls under 10 points.

  • Unacceptable Content (The unacceptable content can be any of/or multiples of the following, but are not limited to: invalid post, language, link, solicitation, contests, and/or copyright violations.)
  • Classifieds Violation (The violation can be any of/or multiples of the following, but are not limited to: incomplete/missing prices, pre-sale, invalid item(permission required),multiple bumps and/or posts, incomplete and/or missing Terms of Service or Live Arrival Guarantee, Invalid and/or missing location.)
  • Personal Attack (5 points, expires after 1 month)
  • Calling out staff / Discussing moderation (10 points, expires after 1 month)

These terms may be changed at any time without notice.