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What Tarantula Forum Should I Post In?

Tarantula Forums

The following are examples of what type of post should go in which Tarantula forum. If you have any questions about a post that does not fall into any of these categories, please PM a mod or an admin before posting.

Tarantula Chat

Chit Chatty threads that do not have implications on the hobby at large, such as:

  • I am getting a new T tomorrow!
  • My T molted and it put on 3"!
  • I think my T likes Iron Maiden...
  • Why is it so hard to pick a new T?
  • What shall I name my new T? Aunt Betty just died, I think she might appreciate the namesake.
  • My tarantula loves me.

Tarantula Sexing

This forum links you to our Tarantula Sexing gallery. We have two. One for Epiandrous fusillae sexing (external underside) and one for Spermathecae sexing (internal from molt). Please post your picture in the appropriate gallery.

Please note: If your photos are blurry or otherwise poor quality, you are not likely to get a response. The clearer the picture, the more accurate we can be in sexing your tarantula.

Tarantula Picture Id

This forum links you to our Tarantula ID gallery. IDing is difficult at best with decent pictures. However, if there is detail to be had, you are more than likely to get a few guesses. :)

Please note: If your photos are blurry or otherwise poor quality, you are not likely to get a response.

Tarantula Questions & Discussions

Threads of substance and scientific of nature. Legit questions.... Like:

  • Is this an egg sac?
  • Nematodes Strike Back!
  • Why are Singapore Blues So Expensive?
  • Anatomy Question
  • Is (country) closing to exports?

Tarantula Pictures.

Molt Pics, eating pics, mating pics, look at this pics, genus pics, species pics, all kinds of wonderful tarantula pictures.

Please note: Try to place pictures into the genus threads that already exist. If you are posting multiple pictures of different tarantulas, call it; "Yournamehere's Picture Thread".

Please note: The Tarantula pictures forum is just that, a tarantula picture forum. If you would like to post pictures of pets other than T's, please make use of our gallery.

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