Other Policies

Account Ownership

Accounts created here are licensed for exclusive use by the individual that created the account (they are not "owned" by anyone). Accounts are never "company accounts" regardless of the account creators affiliation or employment.

Arachnoboards user accounts may not be used by multiple people, sold or traded and are non-transferable in all ways.

Users may never have more than one account at any given time. No Exceptions!

If more than one person is to use a single device, please contact the Arachnoboards Team beforehand. Accounts that are flagged as multiple accounts will be placed in moderated status and will not be able to post until clarification is received.

Purposely creating multiple accounts can get you banned.

Account Deletion

Arachnoboards does NOT delete accounts with content assigned to them. Removal of accounts would disrupt the flow of said content. If you no longer wish to utilize the site, you can do the following:

1. Go into your user preferences and uncheck all notifications under "Options" and click "Save Changes".
2. Go into your contact details and uncheck your "messaging preferences" and click "Save Changes".
3. Log out of the site.

Once you log out, there is no need to log back in again.

Changing Your Posts

Standard User accounts have a maximum of 12 hours to edit their posts. Other user account types may have additional editing time. After that, it is not possible for you to edit the posts you have made here.

By registering at this site, you grant Arachnoboards non-exclusive rights to publish content (posts, images, reviews, etc.) that you create here.

Arachnoboards is a public site. Don't post anything that you don't want people to see.

Disputes Between Members

We are not going to babysit members. If there are users that you don't get along with, you have the tools to ignore them. Simply add them to your Ignore List.

Please don't ask to have a member banned simply because you don't get along with them.

Username Change

We would rather you did not change your username (since it can cause confusion with other users), if you have been a registered member for 14 days or less, contact us and we will consider changing it for you. If you feel you *must* change your username after being a registered member for 14 days, you may do so for a fee here (this cost is primarily a barrier that prevents many people from doing it).

All username changes must be approved by the Administrators. Approval is not guaranteed. Name changes cannot be made more than once in a 365 day period. Previous usernames will be viewable by our membership.

Freedom of Speech & Access

Arachnoboards is a publicly viewable but privately owned and funded website. Moderation on this site has always been done the same and will always be the same, according to our rules and keeping in mind that this is a family friendly site. This website is NOT the government of the United States and there is no constitution for Arachnoboards. You have no first amendment rights here. Posting here, is a privilege, NOT a right. If you cannot abide by our terms of service, policies & rules, then there are many other forums out there to choose from that may be more to your liking.

These policies may be changed at any time without notice.