Classifieds Terms & Conditions

Classifieds Use

The Classifieds are to provide our contributing membership a place to facilitate commerce.

Only "Active Members", "Old Timers" or users that have purchased an account upgrade (that includes classifieds access) can post in the classifieds. Information on becoming an "Active Member" or when you receive "Old Timer" status can be found here. Information on account upgrades can be found here.

Members MUST create a dealer/user review item for themselves in the appropriate category in our Reviews & Reports section. Members who create ads without having created their dealer/user review item will have their ads deleted.

Terms of Service (ToS) & Live Arrival Guarantee (LAG)

ToS must be included in each and every ad, NO LINKS. Even if it is posted in your signature, you MUST still fully type it out inside the body of each and every ad posted. However, it can NOT be only posted in your signature. This will result in the removal of your entire ad with warnings/infractions imposed.

ToS must include, but is not limited to, DETAILED LAG that also explains and defines your Return/DOA/Refund/Replacement/Substitution policies in detail. Even if there is none and you do not offer any, then that must be stated in your ad. This is now MANDATORY and must be fully typed out in each ad posted (even if you are bumping a pre-existing older ad). This also includes ads that are for trade or local pick up. Please visit this thread for more information and acceptable examples


No Pre-Sales. If it's not ready to be shipped at the time you post your ad, it can't be posted. This includes, but not limited to, anything that might be "coming soon", announcing or mentioning future stock (including pending orders, future shipments or imports, gravid females, egg sacs, newly hatched, etc.) or anything similar.

Auctions & Pricing

No auctions or implied auctions. You must include the asking price in your for sale ad, no exceptions.

  • An ad such as: "P. murinus, 2.5" unsexed $20 or best offer." is fine.
  • An ad such as: "P. subfusca slings, make an offer." is not.

Every item listed for sale in your ad MUST have a price. If you post an ad without a price (this includes ads with partial pricing), or if you link to a pricelist elsewhere, or link to an auction site, it will be deleted immediately.

PLEASE NOTE: Selling an item for the highest offer without a final price being set, is the same as an auction. On Arachnoboards, OBO (or best offer) means that you are willing to negotiate for LESS than your listed final asking price. You MUST be willing to sell your item(s) for the final prices listed in your ad.


If it's not part of your user profile already, you must explicitly state your location in the classified's ad . Your location should include:

  • Your "City, State" - If in the U.S.
  • Your "Town, Country" - If outside the U.S.

Most of our users are American, but not all are, and we'd like to see this forum usable by everyone. Further, as international sales of many species may be illegal or otherwise controlled, people need to be able to tell what they're entering into up front.

Bumping Posts

Each thread or post may be bumped only once every (after, NOT before) 24 hours from the time of the initial post (and each bump thereafter). There will be no "Post Reply" button until 24 hours have passed. If you need to update, change or add anything, you can edit your original post within the first 24 hours (up to 48 hours if you have purchased an Arachnosupporter Plus upgrade).

Furthermore, the total number of bumps or posts made in a 24 hour period must not exceed two. Thus, in any 24 hour period you can:

  • Make two new posts (the same items can not be listed in both ads)
  • Make one new post and bump an existing post (the same items can not be listed in both ads)
  • Bump two existing posts (the same items can not be listed in both ads)

You may not, however, bump the same post twice in a 24 hour period, even if no other posts have been made.

Thread Prefixes

Each thread title must use ONE OF THE BELOW prefixes, which are provided at the time of posting, to indicate what kind of classified ad it is:

  • WTB: Want to buy
  • WTB/T: Want to buy or trade for
  • FS: For sale
  • FT: For trade
  • FF: For free
  • FS/T: For sale or trade
**Please Note: Breeding loans do NOT belong in this section. They are ONLY to be posted in the Invertsonals section.**

"FF" (for free) ads are for what you are offering for free, NOT what you want for free. Solicitations for "free" stuff is NOT allowed.

Additional Notes

If you are selling EWL (eggs with legs) / 1st instars, it MUST be stated in your ad in the interest of Full Disclosure.

The purpose of Arachnopets/Arachnoboards is to promote the invertebrate hobby first and other pets second. If you want to post a classified for anything that is not a living animal or a product directly associated with caring for living animals, you must first contact one of the mods by email or PM for permission. Permission will be granted on a case by case basis and we reserve the right to refuse permission for any item or service for any reason. If permission was obtained by a mod or admin, you MUST mention this in the ad (ie: permission to post granted by )

These terms may be changed at any time without notice.


Arachnopets, Inc. and/or it's staff are NOT responsible for anything sold, purchased or traded in the Classifieds forums (other than their own individual ads). Each individual dealer/seller/buyer is responsible for everything posted in their own ads. Please do your research on a dealer/seller/buyer before purchasing, selling and/or trading. Check the review forums and see if they're listed and someone you feel comfortable in doing business with.

While we do not get involved in transactions between users, the one time we *will* get involved is in cases of deliberate scamming. The only way we will do this is if the deal was done within our For Sale/Trade/Want to Buy Forums (private deals will never be mediated) and BOTH parties must be users. We will judge the available information and decide if there was a deliberate scam. If so, the scammers account is subject to suspension and/or banning.

For people posting, please note forums in the classifieds are set to only show posts for specific time periods.

  • Premium For Sale/Trade/Want to Buy: 30 Days
  • For Sale/Trade/Want to Buy: 14 Days
  • Invertsonals: 6 Months
  • Arachnofunctions: 1 Year
After these time periods have elapsed, your post will still be there (for a period of at least 2 years at which point they may be deleted), but users will have to change their view to show posts older than 14 days to see it. This is to keep the classified forums from becoming cluttered with old posts.

Regarding International Sales

As we are an international community here on Arachnoboards, we felt we should make this announcement.

It is the responsibility of the buyer and seller to know the laws of their respective countries regarding the import/export of the goods they are dealing in. (In most cases on this site, arachnids or other "arachnopets".) For those members residing in the United States, it is ILLEGAL to import or export without the appropriate permits. If the person you are dealing with has the appropriate permits for their country, that has NO bearing on the fact that YOU must ALSO have the appropriate permits in the U.S. "Brown Boxing"* is not only illegal, it's stupid. If you're caught, the least of your worries will be the impounding of the "Brown Box" and the worst could be some hefty fines as well as jail time.