Posting Etiquette

Creating New Threads

  • Start threads in the forum category most relevant to your topic.
  • Search before you create a new thread. It's quite possible that your question has been asked and answered before.
  • Do not create multiple threads for the same topic.
  • Title your thread apropriately. An informative, descriptive title is more apt to get a response than a generic titled thread.


It's bad form to engage in the following behavior...
  • Don't post just to "bump" your thread to the top of the list. Give other users more than 5 minutes to reply.
  • Don't post just to increase your post count.
  • Don't hijack threads/topics. We prefer to keep threads on topic, or at least on closely related tangents.
  • If your post isn't relevant to more than one person, instead of posting in a thread, start a conversation with the user.
  • Don't post links without commenting (in your own words) on the content.
  • Don't post personal attacks against other users.