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The Dead Animal Room

Discussion in 'Zoo Trips (Man Made Habitats)' started by Texas Blonde, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. reptyls

    reptyls Arachnopeon

    That is an incredible collection!!

    I could spend hours in there admiring those animals.
  2. Arietans

    Arietans Arachnoknight

    No worries. I used to run a game farm here. :)
  3. KUJordan

    KUJordan Arachnobaron Old Timer

    That is a very impressive room indeed! I definitely think those who have regarded this post as one that offers people an opportunity to see incredible animals together as references and pieces of science are on the RIGHT track. I think one of the things that captivates me more than even the mounts themselves is the amount of traveling your grandfather must have been blessed to be able to accomplish. It looks like he saw the world which, unfortunately, is something that seems like a near impossibility to folks in my generation.

    I just read this entire thread and it is the epitome of rediculous. To all of you who have bashed this thread one way or the other and inserted your $0.02 about hunting and the CURRENT state of these incredible animals: you KNOW VERY WELL that this thread was not meant for that. I find it more upsetting that adults (supposedly mature ones) can read a thread (which clearly states TB's disclosure about the ethics) and, because they feel their personal views regarding hunting are threatened by this post, feel they have to make their opinions known. Grow up. It is embarassing and it is certainly not fair to Texas Blone. If you want to squabble over the rights and wrongs about hunting, poaching, beef processing or President Bush here's a little advice: start your own thread called, "How I feel about hunting, poaching, beef processing and President Bush" and see how many people even view it.
  4. Sheri

    Sheri Arachnoking

    Check out the WH sometime - a thread like that would fare very well. ;)

    Bottom line is that threads like this invite discussion. No one attacked Texas Blonde - and these issues are still relevant today in different applications and context due to poaching and the black animal market.

    Debate and discussion is a cornerstone of web-based community and so long as it stays within the rules, the community is stronger as a result.
  5. I demand more pictures of Flat Stan, he rocks!
  6. Heather

    Heather Arachnoknight

    WOW! What an impressive collection!

    Your Grandfather and Great Grandfather must have had a wonderful time seeing the world in all it's glory!

    I'm not saying it's wrong or right, but it certainly makes me give great respect to all God's critters that are stil here! Admire them now...
  7. NBond1986

    NBond1986 Arachnosquire

    yeah, so i guess mourning the dead is a waste of time. what's done is done. were I you, I should learn to phrase my sentences a bit better.


    But, as for my own opinion.....my grandfather and great grandfather also had their trophy rooms.....and both of them were from Bolivia.....my great grandfather having immigrated from Austria shortly after WWI.

    I have learned to view them as specimens, incredible representations of what these animals look like in nature. Taxidermy is indeed an art, and these pictures are a great example of an AMAZING taxidermist.

    I in no way support hunting, nor do I condone it even if you're going to eat the animal. There's a supermarket for that.

    I'm not going to bash you on this. I think that it's an amazing collection of two generations. It is a family treasure. Cherish it. I have a few of my grandfather and great grandfather's things. They are priceless to me.

    Amazing specimens. And although there isn't anything that we can do for the fact that they were shot 60 years ago, it still is saddening when you think about the lives that were lost. There's no way around that emotion. Some of you should be a bit more sensitive to those that "bashed"......as they were only saddened by the lost lives, even if it were what seemed eons ago, and I doubt that they think any differently of the author of this thread.

    To me, a life of any one of those animals is just as bright and important as one of a human......not so much because the animals are exceptionally amazing, but because humans are so exceptionally disgusting.

    Wonderful pictures, thanks for posting!
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2007
  8. those are some amazing trophies ! when i was a kid (some thirty odd years ago) my best friends father had a room similar to that . seeing your pics has brought back some fond memories . thank you for sharing .
  9. David_F

    David_F Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Very impressive room, Sky! Sorry some people here can't see the beauty through a little bit of sadness. Also sorry I'm gonna kinda continue the pointless babbling..... :)

    Okay, so there's a supermarket for people to buy meat. This is exactly why I don't buy the "I respect all life therefore won't take a life and neither should you!" attitude of anti-hunters. Until you've hunted an animal and taken it's life you have no idea what it means to really have respect for the animals you eat. Without going into the whole PETA thing (if you want to get into that one check out the WH), being raised on a corporate farm, which is where most of the meat in grocery stores comes from, is not exactly the most dignified life for the animals we consume. You're fine with the treatment they get there but can't "condone" :rolleyes: hunting, a sport, hell, a way of life for some, that requires the person to really understand and, hopefully, feel some kind of compassion for the animal.
  10. NBond1986

    NBond1986 Arachnosquire

    Oh silly David.....you obviously failed to pay attention to the rest of my rant.
    I didn't say I was anti-hunting, I just don't condone it. Those are two DIFFERENT things. I have been on hunting trips myself.....but I didn't take part in the actual killing, although I have accompanied family and friends. I go for the hiking, and for the wonderful company of friends. I don't fight them and take their guns away!

    Did you read the rest of what I said? I did not bash in any way. In fact, I congratulated her on the amazing collection and pictures.

    By the way, in the past....I have taken a few animal's lives for pure survival in the jungles of South America. And I didn't like it. I didn't need to do that in order to have "respect" for the animals. So don't give me that bull. I've traveled to the Amazons countless times throughout my life....now THAT is what gave me respect for all animals.

    As for it being a "way of life" for some people.....that doesn't mean I have to condone it. Child molestation is also a way of life for some sick people.....do you condone it? I'd hope not. Don't bash me just because I don't quite agree with something that you like to do.

    Read before you criticize.
    That is all, my friend.
  11. fangsalot

    fangsalot Arachnobaron Old Timer

    that room is ace venturas nightmare! cool room! i like pumba,he was smiling,hehehe
  12. what a fantastic room :clap: :clap: :clap: i enjoyed it all i would have loved to been a big game hunter them guys had balls to face them beast the bear would scare the crap out of me:worship: :worship: :worship: to the guys %%% phil
  13. Lorgakor

    Lorgakor Arachnomom Staff Member

    This room is a reminder of a time long past. The iconic image of a hunter standing over his well fought for trophy is something that is no longer tolerated as it once was. In the days of Texas Blonde's grandfather, the hunter standing over his prize was a romantic image, still so in her fathers time but not quite as much. Nowadays the only place where it is okay to see such images is in sporting and hunting magazines, and in your own family albums. Images such as these bring outrage and PETA.

    But it wasn't always so. The pictures of that room make me think of times when the animals shown were so plentiful that it was okay for hunters (I'm not talking about mass poachers) to take a few trophies. The numbers were so vast the hunter didn't make much of an impact. He was applauded for his courage in facing dangerous beasts, his intelligence for outsmarting it, his endurance for tracking it over endless miles and his love of it for making it into a trophy that he could admire forever in his own home.

    Of course the years of habitat loss, poaching, loss by disease and so on has changed our views drastically. We can no longer look at trophies such as these and imagine a lone hunter stalking his quarry, we can no longer think of him as a hero. He is now a murderer. Such is the way of our world. We care much for our remaining wildlife, and thinking of anyone killing parts of it for sport brings outrage. But looking at this room, seeing the trophies mounted on the wall with their teeth bared does not make me sick. It makes me imagine the time when it was okay to do such a thing, animals were so plentiful that the lone hunter on his quest would make absolutely no impact on the populations. And it makes me sad, because our world will never again be that way, the trophy hunter is no longer a romantic image, but someone who inspires anger in others who are outraged over the single lost life that could have helped perpetuate the species.
  14. Nich

    Nich Curator of glass boxes Arachnosupporter


    Another reminder that evryone needs attention. If you havent been in a game room then your in for a shock....lol. "blonde", I thinks a great thread....minus the whining. Game rooms still exist, most people in struggling situations and self-induced budgets have never seen one, let alone heard of one. As I've said before, It's funny how people make a big deal of things that are inherantley "controversal" yet never post on the happenings of politics that have to do with the hobby they claim to be involved in. Like a bans on inverts or simple legislation....as the board ages so will those who have a worthwhile opinion.
  15. Nich

    Nich Curator of glass boxes Arachnosupporter

    It really depends on what income tax bracket they claim.....It was the whealthy that could do that then, and still echos today. Unfortunatley the line from poor to whealthy is much much thinner now.
  16. Ted

    Ted Arachnoprince

    you are a-ok,.

    those are gruesome, tacky, and yet impressive.
  17. It's a cool room, very nice set-ups. I'm against hunting as a sport, but in those days it was very much accepted. Museums are still stuffed with these things and people still go to a museum to check these animals out. I own a few stuffed animals that were killed before World War II, now they are illegal, but why throw away someting that beautifull.

    Nice room, nice pictures.
  18. Drachenjager

    Drachenjager Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    i know this was posted a long time ago , but i just noticed it.

    Burning this collection would be as stupid as stupid does... WHAT good would that do anyway. ok lets see we have some critter killed and mounted in a private collection BIG DEAL, noone ever whines when they go to the museum and see those same animals mounted in there do they? NO . How many of us here are glad to have species of tarantulas identified? WELL ask yourself how they do that? How many of our precious Ts are killed and disected jsut to ID them? Now we have these animals that MAY go extince due not to hunting, not to mounting them but to habitat destruction. So we have some taken when they were plentiful and not even close to being endangered, GREAT i say. If they do go extinct how much more valuable will these be to future generations? To be able to see what WAS, and know why they are not around anymore. They cold be emmisaries for preventing habitat destruction.
    IF you think hunting has anythign to do with the extinction of most species, you are sadly mistaken. Some species yes, but very few. Most of the species were extinct way before we had firearms. Way before sport hunting was we know it was ever thought about.
    The problem that is causing the extinction or endagerment of most species is the way HUMANS treat the land. We polute it , we cut it down and build on it . It seems we have this annoying habit of seeing a beautiful wild place and wanting to live there and then we destryo the beauty of it by makeing it fit US instead of leaving it like it was when we thought it was beautiful. When the habitat these critters need is gone , they are gone. Hunters actually want to ensure there is habitat and that these animals thrive, not just survive. You see some of us just love them for being them. I have all but quit hunting , but my expieriences of hunting have taught me that we need to protect the animals and thier habitats. Also i have learned first hand what it is to take the life of your food. Let me tell you, when yo kill and butcher your own meat, its a lot more deep respect, and sympathy for the animals than it is if you go to the store and buy a package of steaks. Do you know that the native americans would actually pray for the animals they killed and thank them and the Great Spirit for the provision ? These days I only hunt with a Nikon, but still there is that awe and respect i would never have had with out hunting.
    On a note if people were all like you and wouldnt hunt, there wouldnt be very many of us would there? I mean how would a hunter / gatherer survive to learn how to farm if he didnt hunt? only so much you can do with berried and nuts...

    So go be sick, just use the toilet not Sky's thread.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2007
  19. Amen to that:clap:
    Burning them would be stupid thing to do, get over it.
  20. for those of you who dislike hunting should REALLY take a very close look at who is doing the most to conserve lands and help out animals such as the rhino's and elephants( which are not endangered) and se just where the vast majority of the funds to protect these animals comes from. one of the largest groups protecting wetlands and doing their best to create more is Ducks Unlimited, a HUNTING organization. hunters also open their wallets wider and more often than any other group to help conserve habitat and keep species going. is it because they want to hunt these animals? sure thats part of it but hunters love these animals and the wild places they are found aswell.

    i am a hunter. hunting is a major source of meat for my family as we regularly kill several deer(and hopefully an elk and pronghorn) a year specifically to turn our kitchen into a butcher shop to fill the freezer. my wife and kids help out and have no illusions where the grocery store pork chops come from and i wouldnt have it any other way. we cut steaks, roasts, make mincemeat for pie, make jerky and sausage. i also hunt for horns........cause if all i was after was meat i would have dang short hunting seasons :D

    BTW polar bear meat is fine to eat though im told it tastes very fishy......their livers, however are so high in Vitamin A that it is toxic to ppl.
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