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The Dead Animal Room

Discussion in 'Zoo Trips (Man Made Habitats)' started by Texas Blonde, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. Texas Blonde

    Texas Blonde Arachnoangel Old Timer

    The polar bear is very soft actually. And the hair is suprisingly long. The tiger is a bit rougher, but the hair on the stomach and chest is really nice. I measured my growth by that tiger. It used to hang in my grandparents living room, before my grandmother died and my grandfather sold the house. I remember when I couldnt even touch the wooden base, and then the day I realized I could touch the toes. I was really excited when I could finally touch the face. Its probably my favorite of all the mounts, for that reason.

    @Lelle- If I tried to do that, Id probably end up on that wall. {D There are a few European mounts that turned out really good, but most of them are still in storage. We have a cape buffalo skull thats incredible. You can see it in one of the pictures behind the bear.
  2. pandinus

    pandinus Arachnoking Old Timer

    absolutely incredible Sky! hey, where's the pig head?;)
    The second i saw that room i thought that it would be creepy to be trying to find the bathroom in that house at night, and you find a lightswitch, and when the lights come on you are in a room full of big scary animals. lol! I think i would die of a heart attack.
  3. No matter what your point of view, that is a magnificient collection of trophys. Very few of us will never get to see animals like that, either dead or alive. Sky, you should be proud of your grandfather's & great grandfather's collection, and you shouldn't have to apologize to anyone for it.
  4. C_Strike

    C_Strike Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Yeh, as impressive as they are, i still find them upsetting to see.
  5. Hunting to some is upsetting, but ITS still cool that he posted these...Honestly, How often are you going to see someone who's got a rhino, none the less 100lbs Elephant tusks?? It's Sad that they were taken yes, But hell...I hunt, I Eat what I hunt and i LOVE TO HUNT...Mad Props to your Grandfathers there Boss, Some good lookin Animals :)
  6. Dark

    Dark Arachnobaron Old Timer

    kinda blows my mind that people kill exotic animals for new flavor :confused:

    I also heard that polar bear meat is very unhealthy (could be wrong). Too bad those beautiful animals are found more often on a wall then in the wild. :(

    Even if at the time they were fine as a species, doesn't necessarially mean we should shoot them for art. Why not just draw them, sometimes the pictures even look better then the actual animal.

    If you really hungry there is always chicken.

    Sorry for negative reply

  7. Galapoheros

    Galapoheros ArachnoGod Old Timer

    My view is that the intent of the thread was to show exotic animal species, ...as specimens. Doesn't make me sad. If some are gone, they are gone. That's it. If you take in reality, it won't bother you as much. Hopefully, we've learned. But you can't do anything to change what's happened. Nice to move on. Nice to see what was, just like people like looking at fossils. Complaining about it is completely a waste of thought. I'd rather see the mounts than someone destroy them because they were 'upset' about them. I know nobody talked about destroying them but that's what many would want to do. Some of these animals are history (no pun intended) and some will be priceless artifacts someday. Some may already be so. This is no longer a trophy room. These are specimens. And man, those are some really nice specimens! Yea, there is allot of machismo when it comes to hunting in some areas. It's socially taught stuff in these areas. I think if people really thought for themselves instead of outside themselves, they'd see that it really doesn't mean anything to kill an 8 point buck instead of a 10 point buck. The 10 point just happened to walk by your blind! It doesn't make you any different at all. These insecurities are funny things. "Bringing home the bacon" today means what takes care of you, or you and your family, and that is, ...Money! Money that will buy your dead animals.....AND dead plants that somebody else killed. Yea, somebody else killed the plants you eat. I will hunt sometimes but only for food first and then turn it into a sport if I want. Never the other way around. My parents own a ranch and it's necessary to hunt for wildlife management. The reason for that is because people have killed the predators like wolves, coyotes (coming back), cougars, etc. There is a coyote prob here in the Austin tx area. But it's only a problem because people are worried about their cats. I say the coyotes are good because they kill and eat the dear that kill and eat my plants. OK, anywhooooo, thanks for the shot of the mammal specimen room! For me, 'bringing home the bacon" means catching a big scolopendra crossing a desert road in the early morning hours.... HA!
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2006
  8. cliff

    cliff Arachnosquire

    Very interesting range of emotional responses to this post.

    Having lived long enough to watch the demise of the Africa which existed when these trophies were taken, I can say without fear of debate that hunting of this type had nothing to do with the extinction or drastic reduction of numbers of any of these animals. Habitat destruction, hunting to provide food for railroad workers and other industrial endeavors and poaching for a multitude of reasons is what has either completely eliminated or drastically reduced their numbers. Global warming (no matter what the cause) is quite probably going to eliminate the polar bear and some species of penguins.

    How these beautiful mounts affect each person emotionally is a personal thing. But please be aware that the 6+ billion PEOPLE on this planet all share a responsibility for extinction of other creatures. We are terrible stewards of this beautiful planet which we have a certain amount of control of, and responsibility for.

    I know that anyone who reads this forum loves all creatures or you would not be part of this. But lets look at facts. The fact is that sports hunting and fishing taxes and interest saves much habitat and continuance of many animals. Cliff
  9. funnylori

    funnylori Arachnobaron

    Wow. Those animals are just beautiful. Stunning. My grandfather had a nasty looking lynx with fangs barred posed so that it was grabbing a phesant at the bottom of the stairwell just at the light switch in his house. You never saw it until you got right next to it, flipped the switch and turned towards the fridge, and GAH!! It was right in your face. Of course he kept all the kid's drinks in the fridge downstairs so that he could hear us scream on our way down. If you got hold of your nerves long enough to get to the bottom there was a gorgeous white fox to look at. He had it set in a glass case with a big picture of winter mountains in Alaska. On top of the fridge was a small bobcat waiting to pounce on you if you took too long, and then on the wall was a small bear hide.

    I can't control what may have happend in the past. But I can appreciate what is left for us to see and remember the animals by now here in the present.
  10. Wadew

    Wadew Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Thank you so much for posting the photo's the collection is incredible. My grandfather had a room that was very similar from his fathers collection and I remember it well, when I was very little my dad would take us there and we would stand in in awe and look at the animals. Oh and Nicole thanks you for making stanley's trip more of an "adventure" ....lol
    Cheers Girl!
  11. Scorpendra

    Scorpendra Arachnoprince Old Timer

    in my opinion, this is really amazing. naturally, i wouldn't condone the hunting of such animals, but the time when tigers, rhinos and leopards were fair game is part of our history. but unlike genocides and slavery, this left behind something pleasant to look at. big-game hunters have such an assortment of trophies, their homes look like museums and it's very captivating.
  12. The Shadow

    The Shadow Arachnosquire Old Timer

    That is the coolest room I have ever seen. Period.
  13. that boar smiled... i think he like having pictorials...
  14. Texas Blonde

    Texas Blonde Arachnoangel Old Timer

    Has Stanley arrived home yet? What did the kids think?
  15. Scorpiove

    Scorpiove Arachnoangel Old Timer

    Made me sick to my stomach, the animals them selves were impressive, but they can do that on their own without being dead. This isn't an attack at all this is just an opinion. If it were my collection I would end up burning it. What made these animals better dead than alive in the wild? It certainly didn't make them more beautiful. These may have been hunted in a time gone by but people still hunt today and it makes me sick to my stomach. Much like these pics did. I'm just depressed from knowing that every single day we are loosing species due to human negligence, all the problems we rain down on the earth making animals extinct this just hits a sore spot :(.
  16. my views on animal conservation aside, that's a very impressive collection and I have never seen anything like that before ;)
  17. Katronmaster

    Katronmaster Arachnoknight

    I must say, as an artist, that's a visual reference heaven! I could draw for hours in there...
  18. Arietans

    Arietans Arachnoknight

    An impressive collection. While I am not a great fan of hunting, credit where credit is due. Incredible.

    from left to right

    Oribi, Roan antelope, fallow deer (introduced), Red Hartbeest (bottom right), Impala.

    From left to right

    Klipspringer, upper => Black Wildebeest, lower => Eland (cow), upper=> Gemsbok, lower => Roan antelope, lower=> Sable antelope, Eland bull.
  19. Poor babies..
  20. Texas Blonde

    Texas Blonde Arachnoangel Old Timer

    Thank you! My grandfather knows what they all are, but he lists them off so fast I can never remember. He really has a deep respect for the animals, as most hunters I know. Its amazing how much he knows about them.
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