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Scorpion Videos

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by Gav0r, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. snippy

    snippy Arachnobaron

    Did you read even the most basic information about the care of that scorpion species - or any scorpion at all? The substrate is waaaaaayyyyy to shallow, P. imperator digs!
    And the hides look like a joke to be quite frank.

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  2. Risky

    Risky Arachnosquire

    That was my setup initially when I first got them. It has since been changed due to the fact that one of them really liked to burrow. I will get a new video ASAP. Why don't you like the hide? The scorpions really seem to like both of them, especially the 3 level rock hide.
  3. KDiiX

    KDiiX Arachnobaron

    how do you know that say like them? because they use them?
    they just use them because they have no better alternative.
    a hide for a scorpion must be as small as possible. the best is when a scorpion have to dig under the hide, that he fits under it. scorpions need to be able to have contact to each side of the hide(vertical and horizontal). if this isnĀ“t so a scorpions never feels really hided, because he have to fear an attack from the side or from above. this means permanently stress to the scorpion which decrease the life span!
    here are two picuteres of my old imperator enclosure i hope this could inspire you for better keeping:


    as you can see i use simple flatbarks which lay on the ground the scorpion can dig under that great tunnels which are much better hides then your bought ones.

    and now to my main topic of my post, i want to show you some of my scorpion vids
    - you also allowed to check out the other clips of my channel ;-)

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  4. Risky

    Risky Arachnosquire

    Thank you, KDiiX. Those were most helpful. I redid my enclosure again yesterday. I went to purchase a new tank so I could be more creative with the setup. Unfortunately they were out of the sizes I was looking for.
  5. stingray

    stingray Arachnobaron

    Here is a video of all my heterometrus swammerdami's.


    Video of heterometrus fulvipes mating.


    These are abandoned Parabuthus liosoma 1.instar scorpion babies.

    Along with with undeveloped embryos, they were entangled to each other and have been left on the substrate by their mum.

    For more info on their survival story, please click here.

    [ASA] All-Scorpion-Archives

  7. Heterometrus petersii mating

    A mating video of Heterometrus petersii.
    By now, the female is reaching the final weeks of gestation.


    For more updates and a full breeding report to come,

    like us at [ASA] All-Scorpion-Archives
  8. Parabuthus transvaalicus


    For more updates and a full breeding report to come,

    like us at [ASA] All-Scorpion-Archives
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  9. [ASA] Androctonus crassicauda "KILLING MADNESS"


    "Like" us to receive the latest updates on our breeding projects: facebook.com/ScorpionArchives
  10. Androctonus bicolor feeding


    "Like" us to receive the latest updates on our breeding projects: facebook.com/ScorpionArchives
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  11. Androctonus bicolor feeding vid #2

    Featuring 6i Female A. bicolor


  12. Hadogenes troglodytes - "Chelicerae of Death"

  13. G. Carnell

    G. Carnell Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    forgot I had all these old videos! This one pretty much sums up why this species is so dangerous. Fast, unpredictable compared to other buthids i've kept!
    and very dangerous sting according to statistics!
  14. [ASA] Androctonus bicolor ULTIMATE MASS FEEDING

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  15. Good video, but why is there a minimal amount of space and substrate? Are there any furnishings at all to hide under? Not trying to be confrontational. I'm guessing it's to save space, but perhaps you might want to put a little something more in with them.
  16. Pandinus ugandaensis - "Scorpions have headache too"

    A mating gone wrong and [HOW TO] separate fighting forest scorpions.

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  17. Not at all. Your question creates an opportunity to clear doubts, it's good.
    I have an oncoming article on this tacklebox method, concerns will be addressed there. I'll announce the launch once it's ready :)
  18. aznative86

    aznative86 Arachnosquire

    Centruroides sculpturatus hanging out

    Total of 27 in tank, they are great hiders :)

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