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Scorpion Videos

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by Gav0r, Apr 17, 2006.

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    im not trying to gas anyone up but "goliath" is a freak of nature , and is a famous emporer on you tube in the bug world...... only emperor i seen sting and kill huge prey. i tried making a couple of emps do that and no luck. get a desert hairy arizona scorp. they will give you a show and not shy. ****scorps are like people, they all have different personalities*****
  2. @Snippy,

    Very nice video! I like the enclosure a lot...:)
  3. snippy

    snippy Arachnobaron

    Thanks! ;)

    And a second one. Macro shots of Euscorpius italicus in second instar.


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  4. Interesting, Finn. How well do they do communally?
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  5. snippy

    snippy Arachnobaron

    As adults they are ok, but show some potential for aggression against each other. Actual attacks happen seldom however, when sufficient hideouts are present. The juveniles are prone to cannibalism during molts, the rest of the time it works quite well.

  6. gerLd

    gerLd Arachnopeon

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  7. fatich

    fatich Arachnobaron Old Timer

  8. Brandelmouche

    Brandelmouche Arachnoknight Old Timer

  9. Anthony Jensen

    Anthony Jensen Arachnosquire

  10. Greenjewls

    Greenjewls Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Close-up H. arizonensis feeding (UV light) ultimate

    Here I tried to focus a little closer on the details of how scorpions feed. Enjoy!

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  11. Set

    Set Arachnopeon

    My two Desert Hairy scorpions began fighting at 2AM or earlier and fought for about an hour outside before the larger of the two fled to it's burrow around 3AM. The smaller scorpion decided it wanted to keep fighting and stayed at the entrance of the other scorpions burrow until about 5AM. After they split up, I made sure to feed the two. I believe the fighting may have been due to hunger, but I'm not sure.

    I only started filming just before the larger scorpion fled to the burrow. This video shows some of the highlights. Video quality at beginning sucks. It gets better after the first shot.


    PS, how do I embed the video?
  12. Set

    Set Arachnopeon

    14 Scorpions Eating Superworms - Pandinus Imperator

    My 14 juvenile Emperors had some fun with the superworms the other day. I was practicing using new camera gear I have for shooting macro. At the end there are a few extreme closeups showing the details of how they eat.
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  13. Help Guys.. need some scorpion masters opinion on this..



    Specie: Hadrurus Arizonensis Pallidus
    Title: Breeding my H.Pallidus

    i have some doubt if my 7i Female hadrurus pallidus is same sp with the male. my female got no interest on mating as you can see in this video.. please comment TIA..
  14. The species appear to be the same. The male and female are not guaranteed to mate, and here, the female most likely is simply not interested! Are you sure you have a male and a female and that both are adult?
  15. yup... my female (the smaller of the 2) just molted to 7i to me.. as for the gender we just compare the pectine count and we notice that the larger one has longer pectines than the other.. maybe ill try again some other time... thanks sir 2nscorpx
  16. Greenjewls

    Greenjewls Arachnobaron Old Timer

    that was cool, im glad neither one seemed to get injured. to embed video, i just clicked the "go advanced" button, then clicked the little film icon, kind of middle-right of all the icons that pop up. mouse over it and it will say "insert video" then i just pasted the direct link to the youtube vid. i hope this helps!!
  17. Obli

    Obli Arachnopeon

    Few of mine vids.




  18. Risky

    Risky Arachnosquire

    Here are my two female Padinus Imperator + enclosure when I first got them. I apologize for the shaky video (I was using a Flip cam w/o image stabilization). I added a little bit of Godsmack to the video for flavor.

    My minions!
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