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Introduce Yourself

Discussion in 'Welcome To Arachnoboards' started by Arachnoboards, May 16, 2005.

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    Hello everyone, I am Adrian from Philippines.
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  2. New T Keeper Here

    Hi everyone, I am Anya and I am brand new to the hobby. I've spent a large amount of time researching and watching videos, longing for my own T. I plan to get my first soon, until then I am enjoying hearing about everyone else's experiences. I have a few friends that are in the hobby and have "tarantula sat" for one of them for about a week.

    I love colorful, active spiders. Webbers and climbers are my favorite. Someday I hope to have a small collection of colorful spiders to display, along with one very large one, one that can be handled, and a successful communal setup. But right now, I have a long way to go and am out searching for a C. Versicolor to start with. I am from Colorado Springs and very interested in meeting other hobbyists. Feel free to message me!
  3. Hello Arachnoboards! My name is Taraspatula and I recently have got into the hobby early May. I live in Southern California so if you have any T's for sale local I would interested.

    I use to have 4 Balfouris but my suspected female ate one of the suspected male in my communal set up so I put her in a separate enclosure. Feel free to PM me fore anything. Thanks for reading :shame:
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  4. Hi yall, I'm Jordon. I'm a firefighter in Kansas. I've had a few tarantula over the years but recently got back into the hobby. Right now, I have a full grown Aphonopelma hentzi and 3 other sub adult ones. The 3 sub adult ones I'm looking to sell or trade so PM me if interested or want to know anything about me.
  5. Halifax

    Halifax Arachnopeon

    Hello everyone my names is Jermaine and I am new to the hobby.Currently I have two Tarantula's, Green Bottle Blue and King Baboon.I have been lurking the site for a year or so but decided to get involved with this cool community.
  6. Valethea

    Valethea Arachnopeon

    Hey all, I'm Gemma - new keeper and I'm totally knocked over by how addictive Tarantula research and keeping is.

    I'm a mum of three, my youngest (4) being a massive creepy crawly fan. Our house has substrate for carpet, and leaf litter for decoration because of him and his colonies of bugs! We love watching YouTubers that breed/look after creepy crawlies, and we were fascinated when we came across The Dark Den. I know he's on these boards so on the off-chance he reads this...thank you for my new hobby and completely curing my Arachnophobia!

    We decided to get a tarantula from a local breeder (Ireland) for my son, but now it's me that's hooked. I had debilitating arachnophobia before getting 3 C.Versicolor slings! They're my little blue killers, and I'm loving watching them growing. Feeding days are a highlight for me, and I can already see personalities coming through. I've one that bolts like lightning and loves to jump - she's my fave. I only ope her enclosure when it's in 2 plastic containers! The other two are pretty chill at the moment. I also love the fact these guys will never EVER want me to hold them...they're the perfect pet for me.

    I love crafting, and being able to make their enclosures is just scratches an itch. I made them the Ferrero Rocher box enclosures, and they're webbing like mad and eating like piggies so they must be happy :)

    I've just put in an order for a B.Hamorii and a P. Irminia sling and can't wait to meet them! Yes I'm aware the Irminia may be a bit of a running jump in difficulty (did you catch the pun :p haha), but I'm prepared for the challenge. I'm a natural researcher but also very practical.

    I love the forums, I've been lurking for months. So I'm glad I'm finally here! Thanks for the amazing resources, I will definitely use them well.
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  7. Hey guys my name is Jessie ive been on here awhile but i finally decided to get some jumpers, I am getting two adult Hyllus Diardi's, so i figured id come introduce myself.
  8. Delboy

    Delboy Arachnopeon

    Morning people looking at starting out with a few arachnids so have joined this forum for some good honest tips and advice don't have any at min but going to read a few threads for advice on here and look at starting my collection cheers
  9. CharlesM

    CharlesM Arachnopeon

    (Forgot to add something introducing myself, live in the northern midwest near canada, have a love for animals but from a young age always had a fascination for reptiles, insects, spiders, scorpions, you probably get the deal. Planning on trying to get a tarantula in the near future so keeping this website bookmarked in case I need some help with research.) A spider went on my foot last night and I found the spiderid website, wanted somewhere related to complain about their terrible website functionality, also, could someone give me a better guide on how to join the watering hole? "You must join the "Watering Hole" group from your user profile" First question, don't see a group, second question, not sure what a "user profile" is as I looked through where I could and see a profile page with no groups, drop down for my my name with my avatar icon also does not show what is referred to as a user profile, so if someone could help me out I'd appreciate it.
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  10. Jess S

    Jess S Arachnopeon

    Hi Charles, great that you've joined, there are some really knowledgeable people on here who are happy to share their expertise. It's a goldmine of info!
    Re joining the Watering Hole:
    1. Make sure you're logged in!
    2. Look at the top right hand of the screen. To the left of the word Inbox you'll see your user profile icon. Not sure what yours looks like but mine is a little square with the outline of a little man in it. You need to click on this button.
    3. It will bring up a load of profile options. Click on the word 'Preferences'.
    4. Scroll down until you see a check box for joining The Watering Hole.
    Once you've ticked the checkbox and saved your changes, it can take an hour or so to update. Once it does however, you will be able to view and use threads on The Watering Hole.
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  11. CharlesM

    CharlesM Arachnopeon

    Thank you! The help is appreciated. Not an avid forum user so I'm not very used to this.
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  12. LadyTyrant

    LadyTyrant Arachnopeon

    Hi everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster here.

    I kept two tarantulas for about ten years growing up, a zebra and a rose hair (forgive me for not being savvy on scientific names just yet).

    Recently I got back into the hobby. I currently own a large adult Curly Hair named Lady Bunny and my first ever sling, my beautiful little g. pulchra Miss Vanjie. I also own an Arizona Bark Scorpion named Sharon Needles, which I rescued from a negligent owner.

    I can’t thank these boards enough for the invaluable information I have received in regards to everything, from feeding, to molting, to what substrate is best to use.
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  13. JasonB12

    JasonB12 Arachnopeon

    Hi everyone,

    My names Jason I'm from northants England. I've had a grammastola north for about a year and a half now and have loved every minute. I recently purchased a caribena versicolor sling which is what brought me to this forum as I have no experience with slings. I've learnt so much just reading back through old threads without having to post (yet) so thanks to all who contribute.
  14. Euphoric Arboreal

    Euphoric Arboreal Arachnopeon Active Member

    Hey guys & gals

    Miles Morales here, new to the forum. Also new to the tarantula hobby, been doing a lot of research & decided for beginners I want to get 2 spiders. I’m interested in getting a “LP” pink salmon & a C. Versicolor. Already checked out a few websites and I’ll be looking to purchase in a week as long as what I want is available. Would be great to receive them both around the same time. Wish me luck and I’m looking forward to learning a lot from you guys.
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  15. Manray

    Manray Arachnopeon

    Hello! I am new to tarantula keeping! Ive been on here only a short period of time as well. I have a juvenile G. Pulchra which I’ve had for a while now. I just bought a C. Versicolor and a B. Albo. I’m excited to be a part of the hobby. I’ve always loved the creepy crawlies vs the everyday dog and cat (not that I don’t love dogs and cats). I was never allowed to have a pet T when I was younger but now that I’m adult I’m able to fulfill my childhood dream. Any tips for arboreal Ts would be great as this is my first.

    Happy days to you all
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  16. USA. I don't keep spiders, I just have a large interest in them. I don't love them, either, but I'm not afraid of them, just cautious when I need to be, and I have big respect for them and their place in the environment. (Okay, so maybe I do love the Salticidae family, especially the Maratus genus, but who doesn't?)
  17. InvertSteve

    InvertSteve Arachnopeon

    Hi all,
    Life time invert fan, first time on forums. Impressed by all the knowledgable and passionate folk on here!
    Currently have a communal bioactive Roach and Sun Beetle (rasied from grubs) tank and a separate Giant Leaf Insect set up.
    Going to my first Invert Show next weekend (Western Invert Show UK) hoping to get some cool finds and meet some interesting people in the hobby as well.
    Cheers, Steve.
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  18. Az1uuki

    Az1uuki Arachnopeon

    Hiya everyone, I'm new here and got Into tarantula keeping because of a youtuber called exotics lair. He taught me plenty to be able to start and I began with an Arizona blonde (aphonopelma chalcodes) aka "legs" so far after about 3 months she (hopefully) has molted once and is really a gorgeous creature. I can't wait till she's fully grown!
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  19. Hello all! Dont know if anyone still looks at all this but I'm interested in owning spiders eventually and am currently just trying to learn what i can from here about various species. I'm from Missouri and have always liked spiders, my mom made sure i knew they were pretty cool creatures. I have plenty of pictures of wild spiders that ive found in the past and plan to try and ID them as I remember about the photos and post them.
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  20. thehiddenpath

    thehiddenpath Arachnopeon

    Hi! I'm Max, I live in Toronto Canada and I run a small business that does bioactive Vivariums and breeds several different species of inverts, amphibians, and reptiles. Looking to increase my knowledge and abilities by engaging with this great community!
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