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December 23, 2021
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  • They were the only ones that had the tarantula I was looking for since it's not readily available in the market
  • Not Beginner Hobbyist Friendly
  • Either no communication, obscure communication, or confusing communication
From the moment I purchased the G. pulchra sling from this vendor, communication was horrendous - even after stating several times that this was my very first tarantula.

Questions asked were either ignored or answered so obscurely that I would have to ask what was the meaning behind the answer I was given.

Just prior to my tarantula being shipped, I received a text from the vendor asking if I had - in truth - ordered only one spider, to which I answered "yes". At the time, he could have easily instructed me to ignore the label that was on the dram. But no - nothing was said to me about it.

The next day, I received my order around 6:30pm or so, and opened the box - there was no packing slip, invoice, note, or anything explaining what was in there.

So, when I picked up the dram and saw the name of a different spider - not the one I had purchased - I panicked.

My immediate concerns were:
1- Did I get a spider that was going to someone else?
2- Did this person get my pulchra? And if so what will happen to her?
3- How am I supposed to care for something I knew absolutely nothing about?

After frantically texting several times, I get a phone call, and instead of immediately taking that opportunity to tell me what was done...his response was, "Did you open it?"

Even my texts were answered with, "Did you open it?"

As if by opening it, I would know the difference between the sling I had ordered and the one the dram label stated that it was - which by the way, happened to be a spider I have never even heard of.

It was a nightmare.

On top of that, there was a little pink 2" straw that was also in the box which I threw into the trashcan thinking that it was maybe put in there for some unknown reason.

As I was getting the enclosure ready for this mysterious sling, my eyes fell upon the straw and I saw that it was stuffed with moistened cotton at both ends. I deduced that maybe, it was stuffed with moistened cotton because something alive was in there. I got my tweezers and pulled out the cotton on both sides...

Then, holding it up to the light so that I can see through the tube, I saw a sling no bigger than a fruit fly...

I couldn't believe it!

Now I had TWO spiders I knew nothing about and this one had no identification telling me what it was.

I later learned through the help of a few kind AB members that I had the correct spider, and through this vendor learned the identity of this mystery spider - a Nhandu Chromatus -
a spider that I thankfully knew how to care for. This vendor also mentioned that he used a dram that he already had because I only ordered ONE spider. I guess he didn't feel the need to label it correctly for someone that had NEVER ORDERED A SPIDER BEFORE.

To the vendor I say this:

- Customer Service can easily make or break a small business.

- As a business owner myself, you must realize that clear, concise communication with your customers is an extremely valuable asset.

- LISTEN to the customer, no matter how mundane their questions or statements may be.

- Do not immediately assume that everyone purchasing your products have been in this hobby for a long time and knows exactly what they are doing and what they ought to expect from you.

- Try to be as helpful and as patient as possible to those new to the hobby - like myself.

- A customer doesn't care how many orders you're fulfilling, how many orders you're shipping, how many other customers you're dealing with and how busy you are. The customer only cares about their order and how you are handling their situation. To casually bring up everything else you're dealing with in your business is folly - it makes you and your business look bad because now it seems - to the customer - that they are bothering you by placing an order and thereby adding to your enormous burdens.

In closing -
There are other instances that I didn't mention, but this one was the straw that broke the camel's back for me.
Needless to say, I'll never be making another purchase from this vendor again.
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