Unknown Avic spiderling

Unknown Avic spiderling

Just a question, I got this guy back in June at 2cm, it's a super fast grower which I'm so happy about. But all the shop told me was "Peruvian Pinktoe" after trying to do research I've come up with Avicularia Urticans or Avicularia Sp 'Peru Purple', just moutled out of white/blonde x Any thoughts?
I attempted to search and came up with Avicularia urticans, but I think the majority of the Avics got a name change/revision a few months or so back. Not sure if this one in particular was included or not. Cute specimen nonetheless.
@InvertAddiction Awh thank you, I do really like this one x Yeah I thought it was just me as I'm still fairly new at keeping, I'm going to just say Urticans till I find out otherwise :')
@WelshySian could be will need adult colors before we can confirm. FYI urticans is a junior synonym of juruensis. More specifically most hobby urticans are juruensis morphotype #2. Also the old hobby juruensis is now A. rufa. Got all that ? Lol
@CEC Ummmm I think so :eek::rofl::rofl: This is why I only normally buy T's with proper labels but couldn't help it with this guy, too cute xD

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