Sold as a P scrofa?
This was sold as a female P scrofa, though was told it could potentially be a Grammostola sp concepcion. Which do you think she could be? What are some distinguishing features I should look for? She is very active, digs quite a bit.
I am certainly no expert on fuzzy brown spider IDs. But she looks an awful lot like my Eupalaestrus campestratus--whom I just adore.

But I am prepared to learn from my elders and betters.
Just send her to me and after 20 years of careful, methodical research, I'll share my conclusions:angelic: OK fine, looks like scrofa.
@Dovey If I wanted to be slightly less scientific the coloration is far too red to be Eupalestrus and scrofa have a blue hue to their tarsi and distal segments, along with far less white/gray setae, having exclusively red/orange on the cephalothorax.

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