Oh snap, I saw her this morning with the a tiny ball of web, and now this..

Oh snap, I saw her this morning with the a tiny ball of web, and now this..

Lactrodectus hesperus female is making me a lovely webbed gift. She was found at someone else work and called me to move her rather than kill her. It’s only been two days and she was getting released somewhere safe. Now what should I do.. 600 of these doesn’t sound fun at all.
Plan B.. take her someplace safe, far away from people, lots other insects around, open the lid and leave them there to hatch and grow up. What do you think?
@SonsofArachne I will go back for the deli cup after they hatch and leave. Maybe a month and a half from today. Not because I care about losing the cup but I do care about leaving trash or debris in nature.
@SonsofArachne I wish I had that much faith in humanity. It’s possible but more times than not, I see our lakes, rivers and nature places flooded with trash.
@SonsofArachne I wish people who left trash like really saw what it does to the environment and cared.

I went fishing at the delta for the sturgeon run by myself (as usual) and I was horrified by the amount of trash that lined the river banks completely. I couldn’t even stay long because the amount of homeless people camps in the very dense bamboo cover where no one could see me if I was attacked.

Aside from the fear of having to defend myself in a lethal manner, I couldn’t bare to see the trash. Ruined my trip completely. Still breaks my heart that I have not caught a sturgeon yet.

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