Nice violin on the carapace but what is it.

Nice violin on the carapace but what is it.

I have been all over the internet trying to figure out what this sling is. Violin looks just like a recluse but the abdomen looks like a cellar spider which has a violin that isn’t as clear as this one is. It was found in a hole in the ground in central California.
@Arachnophoric I have looked and looked and nothing. I found two just like this in the same area. No adults of either species.

I took one home to see what it turns out to be as an adult but the waiting game is painful.
@NYAN that has got to be it. Cutest little thing. I am going to let this dude grow up and take another picture and do a side by side.

I think every species of arachnid should have at least 3 stages of pictures for identification. More for other species.

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