Spider ID Please

Spider ID Please

Found this spider in my laundry room. I very rarely see inverts in my house other than ants and daddy long legs. Can someone help out? It was found in eastern Canada if that helps. It was about 1/4"-1/2".
looks loke a wolf.

You dont see daddy long legs in the house...those are cellar spiders, i can almost gaurantee it.
@thebronzedragon daddy long legs 1. arent actually spiders, and 2. dont make webs....the two dont look anything alike aside from having long legs.

cellar spiders are perhaps the most common spider one finds in their house.
Not sure what you have but it’s cute. Captivity time if it was in my house. Just saying.
@thebronzedragon "Daddy long legs" is another common name for cellar spiders, so that might be why you're confused. "Daddy long legs" can refer both to cellar spiders and also harvestmen, which aren't actually spiders and don't make webs. Neither of you are wrong, common names are just confusing!

As for this spider, that's definitely a wolf spider of some sort.
@netherguard incorrectly referred to as a daddy long leg....its a misconception as non spider people think everything with long legs is a daddy long legs.
@Drea Sadly I just took the picture and left it alone so there is pretty much no chance I will see it again. I did try to feed it a very small meal worm but it just ran away.
I do a lot of catch and release if it is found in my house. I move Lactrodectus away from the house if they are in a place my kids might get bit outside. Been there and wouldn’t want my children to know what that is like.

But that brown one of yours, catch, keep, study, and enjoy. :)

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