H. pulchripes?

H. pulchripes?

This was sold to me back in March and it has molted once since I have had it. I'm doubting that it is a H. pulchripes. 1" sling. Any thoughts?
Slings aren't going to show adult coloration, you're going to have several molts to go before it gets the classic H. pulchripes blue and gold.

Looks like an H. pulchripes sling to me. I think I can even already see a tint of blue on the back legs.
Looks to me like a very fat sling in need of a molt. They tend to get darker/more drab the further in the molt cycle they get, even when not in premolt. I'd give it a few more molts before getting suspicious.

Was the seller you purchased it from not a trustworthy individual? Or do you just think they may have accidentally grabbed the wrong thing?
@Arachnophoric it molted about 3 weeks ago so possible at that size it may be in premolt again.

The seller is a good guy and trustworthy. I have also purchased a P. metallica and a P. sazimai from him.

I was comparing to other pics of a fellow member's sling of about the same size and his is much different looking. So I started to check other sling pics and they all look different from mine but similar to his.

The seller also had some G. pulchra slings so I started thinking that just maybe he grabbed the wrong one. You know pulchripes or pulchra are close when in a hurry.
@Dman I'm pretty certain in another molt or two it'll start to look more like your average H. pulchripes sling. I can personally assure you that isn't a G. pulchra as someone who has 3 slings of that size, they're nothing alike - in looks or behavior. A G. pulchra doesn't web like that.

In the very least, if it does turn out not to be H. pulchripes then it's almost certainly an OW species of some flavor. But again, I'd almost bet money that's an H. pulchripes.
@Arachnophoric I thought about the webbing too and you are right about it probably not being a G. pulchra. I hope you are correct at it is a H. pulchripes.
@Dman I'd literally bet my entire collection that your sling is not a G. pulchra. That's how certain of that I am. :rofl:

Hope so too, I definitely know that it's not a great feeling when you bought one species and ended up with another.
@Arachnophoric I don't mean to disagree but here is a pic of mine when it was little. Note 2 things color of molt next to the tiny sling and water bottle cap in back round for size ref

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