grammostola pulchra

  1. Grammostola pulchra

    Grammostola pulchra

    Grammostola pulchra 5 cm diagonal leg span. Purchased as female, but unless the uterus externus and spermathecae are very under developed at this size, it's looking very male to me. I've never raised this species, so I'm not certain.
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    Help sex
  3. 2 inch Grammostola pulchra

    2 inch Grammostola pulchra

    Male or female? What do you think? Thank you so much ♡
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    0.1 Grammostola pulchra
  5. Juvie G. pulchra

    Juvie G. pulchra

    Our juvenile Grammostola pulchra the day after moulting. It'd been nearly two years since the last moult.
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    this is my 1.5 inch legspan maby 2 inch at a push g pulchra i was really hopeing if i could get some help sexing the little guy! maby he is a bit too small im not to sure but fingers crossed u guys can help if u are able! Now i have never sexed a t in my life but i dont see a slit so male?
  7. G. pulchra 2"

    G. pulchra 2"

    My boyfriend's gramastola pulchra. Measuring in at just above 2"! I really have no idea.
  8. And the Devil - Raven

    And the Devil - Raven

    Not really fair, because they're both darlings and both constantly fill their water dishes with dirt.
  9. The Angel - Onyx

    The Angel - Onyx

    Not really fair, because they're both darlings and both constantly fill their water dishes with dirt.
  10. Grammostola pulchra

    Grammostola pulchra

  11. Grammostola pulchra

    Grammostola pulchra

    Adult female *sold as Grammostola pulchra
  12. "This plant has to go" 2/2

    "This plant has to go" 2/2

    My G. pulchra trying to do some redecorating.
  13. "This plant has to go" 1/2

    "This plant has to go" 1/2

    My G. pulchra trying to do some redecorating.
  14. 1.5-2" Grammostola pulchra/quirogai [ventral sexing]

    1.5-2" Grammostola pulchra/quirogai [ventral sexing]

    1.5-2” Grammostola Pulchra/Quirogai
  15. 1.75" Grammostola pulchra [molt sexing]

    1.75" Grammostola pulchra [molt sexing]

    This is my Grammostola pulchra that was 1.75" DLS prior to this molt. I'm not even sure if it is possible to determine their sex at this young an age, or not. If it is, based on what I see, I'm leaning towards it being a male, but I don't have much experience with this.
  16. Grammostola pulchra [molt sexing]

    Grammostola pulchra [molt sexing]

    Grammistola pulchra juvie, last molt looked female but I'm not sure on this one
  17. 2.5" Grammostola pulchra [molt sexing]

    2.5" Grammostola pulchra [molt sexing]

    2.5" (roughly) G.pulchra. Last molt I checked looked female but this one looks male to me..need some experienced eyes! Thanks!
  18. 2-3" Grammostola pulchra [ventral sexing]

    2-3" Grammostola pulchra [ventral sexing]

    Grammostola Pulchra 2-3” wondering the sex of this Brazilian Black specimen. Thanks!
  19. Grammostola pulchra 3" DLS

    Grammostola pulchra 3" DLS

    I'm not sure if (s)he is too small yet, but here's hoping.
  20. 2" Grammostola pulchra [ventral sexing]

    2" Grammostola pulchra [ventral sexing]

    2” just got her/him 2 weeks ago. Any suggestions?