Selenotypus Sp Unknown

Selenotypus Sp Unknown

Picture from a Facebook member asking for sp.

My guess is Sp Gold due to its darker and long abdomen but I think it’s better to leave it on here for more expert opinion.
@Oompoofishy very pretty Wallace they have there, looks like the short haired form but I'm pretty confident that's S.Wallace. Not the largest in the genus but definitely my favourite and most reccomended. Is it possible they can get a photo without the lid? Dulls the colours a bit so makes it a little harder to be 100% sure
@RezonantVoid Hmm, someone else said that it was Sp Nebo? I'll try to ask for one but thanks for your input. Always valuable! What made you come to the conclusion about it being a S Wallace?
@Oompoofishy Wallace are very dark and quite small. In the photo it looks like it has adult colouration even in that small container. Instead of having a gold or silver shine they just have lots of various browns. They get a bit of underration because they aren't like Platinum or Gold but the are easy to breed and well behaved spooders

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