ID Request

ID Request

what do people think this is
@VanessaS Thanks! :)

Edit: I found the thread. At least, I was right regarding the genus. :rofl:
And it wasn't blatantly obvious, so, I don't feel too stupid for not seeing it. :p
This does not look like Brachypelma vagans. B. vagans does not have long hairs on legs 3 and 4 and does not have a carapace bordered with a contrasting color like this one does. Given the red-orange tint to this photo, I can't tell what color the hairs are. Although I can't determine exactly what species this is, I can say with certainty it is not B. vagans. You would know a real B. vagans if you saw it. They have smooth jet black legs sometimes with the patella to tarsus grey, solid black carapace, and bright red-orange hairs on the abdomen.
Could it be a sabulosum that would be very nice breeder, mixed up labels and it is a vagans but a sabulosum would be great
Brachypelma sabulosum was my first impression, however, the shagginess of the hairs on legs 3 & 4 on this tarantula make me hesitate to confidently make that ID. B. sabulosum is a better guess than B. vagans though.

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