Day light pic of the new Avic
@u bada I am not a fan of pet store T’s but she was truly remarkable. I try not to even look when I am in the area but I did a double glance and said, “ yep, you are coming home with me today.”
@Goopyguy56 in a sense. I got her yesterday and and needed to rehouse her. She walked out of the cup on her own and walked on the grass and right into her new home.
@viper69 Nope not at all. Inside her abdomen was very black and the hairs looked black as well.

Thank you so much for the suggestion to take her outside and inspect her in nature light.

I was also able to determine that just was just a a few days post molt. Fangs still had a red tint to them. Luckily, she moved herself around with out provocation from me.

Another prime example of pet stores not caring or knowing what they are are doing. She should had never been moved and I would have picked her up a few days later. I called and asked about the molt and they said they removed it the day before.
@Drea Also don't breed it. Xent's idea is stupid. Anyone that would breed 2 Ts together because they look similar shouldn't be in the hobby.
@viper69 I wouldn’t call his idea stupid if he knows his stuff based off experience. However, I would call myself stupid to breed this spider because I don’t know or have that experience.

My few pet store T’s, free to good home T’s, and the ones that come from the Sheriff’s department or animal control are to never be paired. They came here for proper care and a safe place to live out their lives and for me to enjoy the pleasure of them.

Only T’s from reputable and experienced dealers, expos, or fellow knowledgeable hobbyists will be paired if I know it’s blood line is pure. My goals for pairing are to experience the full cycle of a spiders life and in some cases, continue to help the species thrive. A side bonus to pairing is a few extra bucks to grow my collection. ;)
@Drea Listen, just because 2 Avics look similar doesn’t mean they are the same species- there’s reasons why scientists classify these animals beyond just their colors/patterns :rolleyes: :rolleyes:As a said, it’s a stupid idea, and quite irresponsible.

No need for Franken Ts in the hobby.
@viper69 I just imagined bits and pieces of random T’s stitched together. Not a pretty thought at all.

There are a few T’s that do look the same but are way different. There is a lot of testing, inspections under microscopes, and all kinds of scientists trying to figure out specific species. That is not me at all.

I just thought she was pretty and needed to live with me. My rescue T’s and pet store T’s aren’t even kept with the others. I feel like it’s wrong to even consider pairing one those.

Some people do know a lot about which is what and where it came from and maybe comfortable with identification. I am not in that group either.

And unfortunately some are careless. I am happy to report that I don’t fit in with this group either.

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