A. Avicularia
@Ungoliant I love this!!

I have been mostly into the old worlds, high strung, not readily available kind of T’s.

I got one A. Avicularia rescue and I am questing where they have been my whole life. They are just amazing.
@Drea Avics rock.

Every now and then, life sends you a rescue to remind you not to overlook the "beginner" species as just being for beginners.
@Ungoliant I like to start raise slings but avicularia slings are intimidating for me. I have two A. juruensis M2 slings that are barely an inch that came in a few days ago. I have never raised an avic sling and I not confident. They seem so delicate
@Drea They look more delicate than they are. As long as you give them places to web/hide (leafy clutter) and hunt (cork slabs), and you don't put them in a damp, stuffy death trap, they'll likely be fine.

If you're worried about your setup, post pics.

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