3/4" Pink Toe Sling
Formal Introduction to this little guy. Currently no name.

So story behind this lil guy was I was wanting another T. I had my boyfriend pick this little guy.

I am quite excited for this baby and try my hand at aboreals. Wish me luck.
Good luck with your little guy. :)

Avics and their relatives are not difficult to raise if you do it right. ;) First of all, you'll need a different enclosure. It needs more height than vertical space. And also I'd provide a slab of cork bark with loads of leaf clutter at the top to hide, make its web and hunt from (those twigs aren't suitable). Provide a water dish and good cross ventilation and you should be fine.
In this thread, there is also a section on Avics: http://arachnoboards.com/threads/tarantula-information-for-beginners-and-more.318718/
You should read it. :)
"It needs more height than vertical space."

Sorry, I meant horizontal space, of course. Haven't had my first coffee yet, when I wrote that. :rofl:
@Thekla xD Go get your coffee. But yo, it's not seen well, but theres some small pieces of branches and leaves/flowers/stems of a withered/dried deceased lily in there.
He's had a bumpy ride (thanks fedex) but the enclosure is temporary till I can find some suitable cork bark. xD Time to start my day early too.

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