Brachypelma Vagans
4cm molt. I see these things I believe they're from a female, but I'm still not sure at all, what do you think?
K, I'm not experienced at molt sexing, given. But those look like they might be male accessory organ... ? Because I'm not seeing a flap/uterus externus or the wider slit opening, those horns are wider at the base, and Brachys are pretty notorious for having deceptive male accessory organs. So... Thoughts?
Oops *uterus externus
not "untrustworthy externus".
Autocorrect, how would I know how trustworthy an externus is? Geez. No offense to all the externus out there! lol
@Feral You have to take the size of the T into consideration. This moult has only a leg span of 4 cm (not even 2") and at that size, you wouldn't have the male accessory organs this prominent. Also, the spermathecae aren't fused when they're still small.

This is my male T. albo one moult before he hooked out (moult is 3,5"):
And this is my female T. albo (moult is less than 2"):

@MrGhostMantis If you have a microscope I'd say you can sex them from about 1-1,5". :)
lol Well that's my problem, my brain mistakenly saw 4" instead of the real 4cm. D'oh! My dumb mistake! lol

But thanks for the pictures, they are really sharp and excellent quality and great reference for all of us. Thanks!

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