brachypelma vagans

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    B.Vagans Male or Female?
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    B.vagans Male or Female?
  3. 1.0 Tliltocatl vagans

    1.0 Tliltocatl vagans

    Bishop rocking his new suit.
  4. 2.5" Tliltocatl vagans [molt sexing]

    2.5" Tliltocatl vagans [molt sexing]

    I’m guessing female. T.Vagans 2.5”.
  5. 2" Tliltocatl vagans [molt sexing]

    2" Tliltocatl vagans [molt sexing]

    Ok so I got the right parts this time lol. 2 inch T. vagans.
  6. Tlitocatl vagans - approximately 4.5" (11.4cm)

    Tlitocatl vagans - approximately 4.5" (11.4cm)

    Male or female? Got as a juvenile in October 2019, molted within a month, hibernated for the winter, has just become active. No other molt as far as I can tell without ripping the borrow apart.
  7. T. Vagans

    T. Vagans

    A T. Vagans around 1,5cm to 2cm in Body length
  8. Fangs of my adult male Vagan

    Fangs of my adult male Vagan

    It is dead due to old age. Planning to preserve it. It unsuccessfully failed to mate with the female after many attempts.
  9. 3.5" Tliltocatl vagans [ventral sexing]

    3.5" Tliltocatl vagans [ventral sexing]

    3.5" dls T. vagans - male or female?
  10. T. vagans

    T. vagans

  11. Tliltocatl vagans male 2.5” dls

    Tliltocatl vagans male 2.5” dls

    This little guy has been out more lately since his recent molt. He’s still a bit of a spaz but he’s so pretty and actually posed for me just now. I was expecting him to hide!
  12. B.Vagans/T.Vagans, 2 years old, 5 inches

    B.Vagans/T.Vagans, 2 years old, 5 inches

    B.Vagans/T.Vagans, 2 years old, 5 inches
  13. Jan 25, Big Man

    Jan 25, Big Man

    It's been a year or so, so heres Big Man again. Before a molt.
  14. Big Man, Jan 29 Molt

    Big Man, Jan 29 Molt

    Haven't posted my spood lately. Heres a recentish molt.
  15. T. vagans

    T. vagans

  16. We Got Our Hotpants

    We Got Our Hotpants

    Hotpants dropped a surprise molt. Such a stunner, SORELY underrated tarantula species - 0.1.0 T. vagans
  17. Phoenix molted!!

    Phoenix molted!!

    Just came home to this! She(?) is almost 3” now!
  18. Tliltocatl vagans just chilling

    Tliltocatl vagans just chilling

    She's gotten big. Sometimes she hides for a few days but most of the time she's on display.
  19. Tliltocatl Vagans

    Tliltocatl Vagans

    Phoenix our for a late night stroll...
  20. My big Tliltocatl Vagans

    My big Tliltocatl Vagans

    I got him or her 4 years ago I think she females or at least I hope she is