1. MM Tapinauchenius rasti

    MM Tapinauchenius rasti

    Rain rocking his final suit.
  2. 1.0 M. balfouri

    1.0 M. balfouri

    Monocentropus balfouri immature male.
  3. Phidippus mystaceus

    Phidippus mystaceus

  4. Phidippus putnami

    Phidippus putnami

    The bestest boy
  5. 1.0 H. pulchripes

    1.0 H. pulchripes

    Harpactira pulchripes mature male.
  6. MM Poecilotheria metallica

    MM Poecilotheria metallica

    Mayhem rocking his final suit.
  7. 317E8E5A-9B80-409C-B454-258ED6921782.jpeg


    Huge male P. regius
  8. 1.0 A. theraphosoides

    1.0 A. theraphosoides

    Juvenile male Acanthoscurria theraphosoides.
  9. The Ignominy of Defeat (♂ Acanthoscurria geniculata 4")

    The Ignominy of Defeat (♂ Acanthoscurria geniculata 4")

  10. 1.0 Psalmopoeus cambridgei

    1.0 Psalmopoeus cambridgei

    Pretty sure this is one of the harbingers of the apocalypse but I actually caught Lasher out in the open.
  11. Sexing poe

    Sexing poe

    is that close enogh to regonize his/her sex?
  12. Pamphobeteus platyomma Juvenile Male - ~4"

    Pamphobeteus platyomma Juvenile Male - ~4"

  13. Brachypelma auratum - 1.5"

    Brachypelma auratum - 1.5"

    I'm hoping that this is female, since I've been duped before at the small sizes. I already have two small males and I'm not getting any younger. Top is front lit and bottom is back lit.
  14. H.mac.jpg


    1" H. mac, I haven't had a molt quite look like this one, any thoughts?
  15. MM Acanthoscurria chacoana

    MM Acanthoscurria chacoana

    Kano rocking his final suit.
  16. 1.0 Aphonopelma seemanni BCF

    1.0 Aphonopelma seemanni BCF

    Nocturne rocking his new suit.
  17. 1.0 Theraphosinae sp. "Panama"

    1.0 Theraphosinae sp. "Panama"

    Sunspot rocking his new suit, thought he'd mature with this moult but apparently he has at least one more in him.
  18. 20200614_173539.jpg


    Best i could do for now cus i wrecked the molt.. 2.25 dls l. Difficilis.. Leaning towards female but i could be wrong
  19. Not So 'grossa' After All

    Not So 'grossa' After All

    How can this be? This is a Grammostola grossa mature male. How can he be mature at such a small size? This is ridiculous - he isn't that much bigger than my Homoeomma chilensis mature male. I thought I had a long time before this boy matured.
  20. He Protec (♂ Acanthoscurria geniculata 4")

    He Protec (♂ Acanthoscurria geniculata 4")

    I topped off Genicula's water dish.