mexican redrump tarantula

  1. Jan 25, Big Man

    Jan 25, Big Man

    It's been a year or so, so heres Big Man again. Before a molt.
  2. Big Man, Jan 29 Molt

    Big Man, Jan 29 Molt

    Haven't posted my spood lately. Heres a recentish molt.
  3. T. vagans

    T. vagans

  4. We Got Our Hotpants

    We Got Our Hotpants

    Hotpants dropped a surprise molt. Such a stunner, SORELY underrated tarantula species - 0.1.0 T. vagans
  5. Phoenix molted!!

    Phoenix molted!!

    Just came home to this! She(?) is almost 3” now!
  6. Tliltocatl vagans just chilling

    Tliltocatl vagans just chilling

    She's gotten big. Sometimes she hides for a few days but most of the time she's on display.
  7. Tliltocatl Vagans

    Tliltocatl Vagans

    Phoenix our for a late night stroll...
  8. My big Tliltocatl Vagans

    My big Tliltocatl Vagans

    I got him or her 4 years ago I think she females or at least I hope she is
  9. Pre-molt already?

    Pre-molt already?

    It’s that time again where the most P.O.ed new world gets even angerier. First 4 threat postures then hair kicking...this Vagans sure hates me lol.
  10. T. vagans 5th instar molt

    T. vagans 5th instar molt

    My first tarantula. Now I'm almost certain it's a male. Just want a confirmation. Sorry for the light - to get a macro I had to get really close and it was difficult to position the light source in a correct way.
  11. Brachypelma vagans [molt sexing]

    Brachypelma vagans [molt sexing]

    This is my T. vagans.. I think female but I’m no expert.
  12. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!

    Although it is only Christmas Eve, I took this opportunity to thank all who have helped me.
  13. Brachypelma vagans [ventral sexing]

    Brachypelma vagans [ventral sexing]

    Its a 3" b.vagans juvenile. Can someone tell if its a female?
  14. The dangerous move towards the female

    The dangerous move towards the female

    Third attempt by Red Rump male ......
  15. MM vagans

    MM vagans

    My 1st male T to mature under my care :(
  16. Male or female?

    Male or female?

    I’m leaning female!!
  17. T. vagans

    T. vagans

    Isn't he pretty...
  18. 0.1 B. vagans

    0.1 B. vagans

    about 5.5” DLS
  19. Mexican Redrump

    Mexican Redrump

    As you guys know I’m very new to hobby but was curious if you can sex this youngster. It’s a Redrump and is about the size of a nickel.
  20. Pre-molt?


    Abdomen is turning dark and shiny along with refusing food. Pre-molt already?