b. vagans 2.75in
Sorry for how dark this is, the 8 LEDs on this little digital "microscope" arrived broken but let me get really close up to view. My guess is female, but wanted to confirm or be corrected by you guys.
Male, those are male accessory organs. At that size, the spermathecae should have started to fuse into a small flap. When mines was small as 2.25'' it didn't have anything like that. It had a legit small flap. B. vagans is one of those T.'s with the larger accessory organs, which people tend to mistake as a spermathecae.
Is there a flap between them, or is that just my imagination playing tricks with a dark photo?
@Parkcitys No prob, keep me updated on when he becomes a MM. My female is about 3.5'' right now, and who knows, maybe he can be of use for my girl in the future.

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Spermathecae sexing (Molts)
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