Want to keep your rights to Ts? Poecilotheria owners, breeders or dealers

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Feb 10, 2020
I think it’s important to remember that humans took to make those laws, it will almost always have to be taken back by others until too many cases are made that they cannot willingly ignore the issue in order to invoke change.

Obviously if going forward in this would have to be done by people willing to take that risk, it’s not for everyone, fact is it’s already taken from the hobbyists, it doesn’t matter who does it but by the rights of nature it’s definitely our fault as humans that they are endangered and it should be our responsibility to put them back
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Jun 4, 2018
Unfortunately everyone who has a powerful voice in these things such as exotic banning is a <edit>: . They'll probably end up getting banned like reptiles and fish are.
I just finished buying the poecilotheria metallica u.u

Yes, please all go to THIS THREAD and help by speaking up!! Your voice CAN make a difference!

That thread is closed.

Downside to that is when people get caught doing that. What do you think will happen? A slap on the wrist? With the already fanatical focus on Poecilotheria, the genus might become banned from the hobby altogether, and it would 'prove' to the people that make these decisions that hobby keepers can't be trusted.
Something like this always gets out. All it takes is one gruntled customer and a phonecall.
I just finished getting one on the 3rd of March bought it a while ago, though. What does this mean? Sadly I live in Canada and don't have a means to help seed them back into the wild. And starting a YouTube channel might make things hard.

Not good news , why don’t they got after poachers in Sri lanka? And leave captive bread out of it ? Captive sometimes is only thing that. Saves certain species.
Just think if someone woulda kept a dodo bird as pets . Pooor birds , spiders can go just as fast , deforestation, poachers .
They should have a standing army kicking people & lumber company’s out of the rainforests.
I refuse to buy wild caught anyway.
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Mar 3, 2020
Has there been any movement one way or the other on this? I am newer to the hobby, and would love a P. Metallica, but am not there yet as a keeper. I have worked my way up to a P. Irminia so far, and feel like I am near ready, but maybe another year of experience. It seems like this is a long standing ongoing issue, and they are still being sold today, so I am just curious on the risk here.

Andy Powell

Oct 21, 2019
My very first tarantula was a Poecilotheria Metallica (my avatar image). She was tiny when I got her and she's now approaching Juvie. I got some stick for getting one as my first but after dealing with an 18 year fear of T's I decided last November to go hard to go home and got her as my first!

Because of her I now have 17 T's, most of which are Poecilotheria! Love the genus and I want every single pokie out there! :)


Jun 3, 2020
I'm still new to the tarantula hobby in general, but pokies are what i saw and decided that i wanted to keep T's.
Now i don't have any Pokies (was told to get some experience first) And the more i look into them on the internet, the odds of me getting all the pokies i desire seems close to zero. I under stand that they are endangered and they are trying to stop poaching, but how does this help? How does cutting off the ability of breeders and keepers who actually care about the species?

Idk, it all seems pretty redundant to me.


Sep 5, 2016
Google Wildearthguardians.org.They started this,and we T enthusiasts tried to fight it,but did not have the numbers to counter the misinformation on T keeping.Nobody in this hobby wants exploitation of
wildlife from any area or country.
Nothing that the Wildearth organization did will help with deforestation /habitat destruction will help the genus in their native locations.Just be happy that they were not able to convince the USFWS to include
all Poecilotheria in the ruling.And nobody can guarantee that wont happen.
Nobody can say for certain,what will happen with the genus.Also,this is only a US restriction.Canada/Europe/Asia are free to do as they want.Please,anyone let me know if I am mistaken in regards to
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