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So I made an application...

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by tisha, Nov 13, 2013.

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    Version 1.4 is now available for download!
    » Add sort by feed date
    » Add feed every N days
    » Add 'T is in pre-molt'
    » Add 'Feed N days after molt'
    » Add simple notification for feedings (beta)
    - To receive notification, you must set 'feed every N days' greater than 0
    » Add notification reminder every N day in settings (beta)
    » Optimize image handling (beta)
    » More stability improvements
    » UI adjustments
    » Bug fixes
    Please download it from http://tarantulas.p3kb.com/
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  2. Keith B

    Keith B Arachnobaron

    Tried a previous version and it wouldn't let me save my T's, but the new release does so yay :). Maybe I just missed the option last time though. Haven't had a chance to dig into it deeply yet, but I did notice right off the bat that it saves my pictures sideways, going to full view when vertical and compressed when sideways. Maybe add an option to rotate the orientation in the next release would be appreciated? Or if I can and I'm just not doing it right let me know? I'm on a shiny new Galaxy s4 I just bought a few days ago (changed from iphone. Already happier) so still learning the curve. Came with 4.3 jellybean/ emk2 build. Great work though! I like the look of it so far!
  3. Thanks Keith, I'm also using an S4 and loving it! :biggrin:
    Are the pictures only rotating when you view it larger? If so, there is an option to disable pic rotation from the setting. :)
  4. Keith B

    Keith B Arachnobaron

    ME TOO!!! :D No, I don't mind it rotating. It's orienting all of my gallery pictures sideways. So say if I were to take a pic wide angle with the phone sideways, it shows up in my phone's gallery proper, going full screen when I rotate the phone sideways, and doing a smaller compressed version when I hold it vertically. When I put them in the app, it does the opposite when I view them larger. When I hold the phone upright, it goes sideways and fullscreen, so I have to tilt my head to look at it properly. And when I turn the phone sideways, it turns sideways and compresses like I'm holding the phone vertically. So either way I have to tilt my head sideways to look at it upright. In the phones gallery you can rotate the pics to the proper orientation if they're wrong. In the app, it turns all of them sideways on me and I can't fix them.

    EDIT: Okay I see what you're saying. That's weird when I click off rotate in the apps setting, the pic still rotates but orients it correctly lol. Thanks!
  5. Ok, so here's the last update (just for the year, hopefully). :biggrin:
    » Add search function to T list (beta)
    » Bug fixes
    » Add 'Feed All' to 'Ts to feed' popup window (beta)
    » Fix reminder notification not firing (beta)
    » Add confirm message before saving T info
    » UI adjustments
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  6. Keith B

    Keith B Arachnobaron

    Hey Tisha! Been using the app for a couple weeks now and really like it! :) I have an upcoming scenario that made me think of one other cool thing you could do with it. So far we have a "My Tarantulas" section, which is working really well for me. I was thinking it's be cool to have a second page we could move T's from "My Tarantulas" into when they pass away, or when we have to part ways with them due to circumstances. Maybe call the page "Memorial" or something. I have a mature male who's about to pass away, and two mature males I'm trading off. I raised them all from slings. It'd be really cool to have a section to keep the ones we don't feed anymore, but never want to forget, and can reminisce to friends with the pictures and data :D
  7. Has this been optimized for tablets yet? It looks really neat, but the only Android I have is my 11" tablet and phone apps usually look really bad on it.
  8. Thanks! This is a good idea. My male albo matured a couple of days ago and since he will only be with me for a few months, I was thinking of adding something like a status where I can choose deceased, sold, given away, lost, etc. (with date picker). Haven't thought of separating the list, and yes, I think it will work better separated.
    Maybe this will be my next project upgrade next year, no time to work on updates yet. :eek:oh:
    Also planning to add like mating dates/history, egg sack drop/pull. Not sure how this will work on the app and since I don't have experience in breeding yet, this may not come anytime soon. :bruised:
    I hope my female molts soon! :pray:

    I'm not sure how it'll look like on big screens, I do hope you try it on you device. I don't have any test tablets yet, so I can't really say I can do optimizations big screens.
  9. So I forgot to click the feed button when I fed two of my T's, and it got me thinking that on the next update you should put an option to choose the time your T's were fed. I like that it chooses the current time automatically, but there could maybe be a way to change the time later.
  10. Ok, so I was thinking, I can add an option to edit/update a feeding date (month, day and year only), this should also fix missed feeding date.
    It can be done by adding a feeding date then go to feed history, I can add the option to update a feeding date together with the delete option.
    I think this should work. :bruised:
  11. Very awesome app! Easy to use. Love it, keep up the good work.

    Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Tapatalk
  12. That sounds great :D just don't make yourself crazy! You've already created an AWESOME app and I'm not the only one that loves it :D
  13. Will240393

    Will240393 Arachnopeon

    I know right all these updates are great! definitely spoiling us in how frequent they are.. dedication i like it!.
  14. Aw thanks guys! :giggle:
    I didn't really think someone will be usng it (other them me lol), not for over a week or two. :giggle:
    I'm actually running out of ideas, now mostly only bug fixes and stability updates.
    I really appreciate your suggestions to improve the app! :happy:
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  15. Hey guys! I managed to steal some time these past few days to work on some updates, see below.

    Version 1.5.8 is now available for download!
    Please download it from http://tarantulas.p3kb.com/

    Add Memorial, if you set your T's status to "Deceased", "Sold", "Traded", "Given Away", "Escaped", "Lost", it will not be visible from My Tarantulas list. To view them, click menu then choose Memorial (beta)
    More stability improvements for handling large number of gallery images (beta)
    Edit/Update feed date (beta)
    Add photo gallery sorting
    Add check T info (new and edit) if changed on back press
    Add check settings if changed on back press
    Removed popup confirm on exit, just double back click to exit
    Molt message/notification
    UI adjustments
    Bug fixes

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!!!

    Edit: Oh, I was also able to test the on an Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and it looks fine, not sure with even bigger screens though. ;)
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2013
  16. Keith B

    Keith B Arachnobaron

    Hooray memorial!!! :D Thanks so much and Happy Holidays Tisha!!!

    EDIT: Busy holiday but I have a Galaxy Tab 8.0 and I'll try it later and get back to you
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2013
  17. Please do, thanks! :wink:
  18. Hi all, how was your holidays? :biggrin:
    I made a few more updates on the app during the holiday break... so here are the fixes/updates: :coffee:
    » Optimize search/filter Ts, display only the genus and species that you own
    » Image handling updates
    » Add 'Others' to T status
    » Add feeder when feeding, enable/disable from settings
    » UI adjustments
    » Bug fixes

    Please download it from http://tarantulas.p3kb.com/
  19. :laugh: thanks Tish!
  20. viper69

    viper69 ArachnoGod Old Timer

    Make this for the iPhone it sounds great! I would like to see this big time.
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2014
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