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So I made an application...

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by tisha, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. iCookBacon

    iCookBacon Arachnopeon

    So far I'm really enjoying the app! Very nice!
  2. Hey guys, what up?
    I received an email a week or so ago suggesting about mating and egg sac features, not sure if a member here though. :biggrin:
    Anyways, here's what I'm current working on, not sure if it covers all/most info about mating and egg sacs.

    In edit T info page, the above icons will only be shown if your T is sexed female,
    if male, only the mating icon will be displayed, if unsexed, non will be displayed.

    When you click on the mating icon, the window below will be displayed.

    Not sure if these are the only status. :o_O:

    When you click on the egg sac icon, the window below will be displayed.
    I hope the other fields are self explanatory :giggle:

    Same thing, I'm not sure if these are the only status. :bruised:

    When updating egg sac date, changes will be logged in the 'notes' field after saving.
    Update on 01-18-2014
    Sac status changed from with Mom to pulled

    Data can be changed after, just re-open the update sac date. :eek:oh:

    A notification for 'egg sac to pull' will popup, the same way as 'Ts to feed'.
  3. You could put for the males a status for "mature" "penultimate" and "immature" :)
    Also, you could put if they are out on loan or something along the lines and maybe something to record sperm webs?

    Instead of "success" or "fail" you could add a "successful insertions" for each pairing (since most breeders pair males and females more than once) :)

    Last idea (for the moment :D): For the successful sacs, you could add an option to add how many slings were produced. Reminding me - will sac history and stuff be saved? You could also add a "sacs produced" for female T's :love:

    Bahhh as soon as I saw you were making breeding changes I kind of went nuts! Sorry for all of my crazies :giggle:

    ---------- Post added 01-18-2014 at 12:25 AM ----------

    Instead of adding all of the changes to the current app, wouldn't it be easier to make a whole new app specifically for breeding? It could coincide with current one :) just a thought
  4. 1. I've added a "On breeding load" to status
    2. Changed "Success" and "Fail", replace "Status" with "Insertion Status" and options to "Successful", "Suspected Successful" and "Failed"
    3. Added a checkbox "T is sexually mature" beside "T is in pre-molt"

    Sac and mating are similar to feeding, you will see an option "Mating History" and "Egg Sac History" from the T edit options menu. You can then update an entry to change status, sling count, etc. :bruised:

    I'll see how "sperm web" would work, maybe similar to feeding history list.
    I've only seem my mature male B albo make a sperm web once so not sure if you can actually make a history record of it. :giggle:
  5. Awesome :D you are the coolest! Maybe just another checkbox that say "making sperm webs"? :)
  6. I'll add the sperm web history maybe after this release. :giggle:
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  7. Version 1.8 is now available for download!
    Updates and Fixes:
    » Add mating history (beta), add date from T edit for sexed (male/female) Ts
    » Add egg sac drop history (beta), add date from T edit for sexed female Ts
    » Add days hungry precision, change in settings
    » Add "Suspect Male" and "Suspect Female" to T sex
    » Add status 'On Breeding Loan'. If selected, T will still be shown in My T List but will not notify for feeding.
    » Add 'T is sexually mature', display purposes ;)
    » Hide "Ts to Feed" from T list menu if no Ts need feeding
    » Hide "Feeding History" from Edit T menu if no feeding data
    » Fixed missing "Semi" in T type
    » UI adjustments
    » Minor bug fixes
    Please download it from http://tarantulas.p3kb.com/
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  8. Just downloaded and installed your application and it looks really good. Thanks for your efforts!
    I've been looking for something like this for a long time.

    Some suggestions - that could make a great app even greater :)
    - Maybe I just haven't found it yet but what about a textbox to add who from and where you got the tarantula?
    - I'd also like to be able to record if the T is a baboon or a dwarfspecies. Ideally this would be connected to the species database and automatically recorded but that might be harder than having a manual checkbox för baboon or dwarf?
    - A copy+paste function would be really nice
    - More temperaments - skittish, defensive, semi-defensive etc. (also a tarantula could possibly be both skittish and defensive I guess)
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2014
  9. Hi johandenver, thanks for the feedback! :biggrin:
    Regarding your inputs:
    1. Where the T came from - I'll try to add a textbox under received date.
    2. Baboon/dwarf - I'll try to add a textbox under the 'country' field, can be used for common names.
    3. Copy+paste - I think it is a default function on android by long pressing a word in a textbox.
    4. Temperaments - you can choose the 'others' option and a textbox will be available so you can input your custom temperament. I can't add all possible temperanents due to icon issues. :giggle:
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  10. Thanks for replying tisha :)

    1. Would it be possible to make the app "remember" suppliers so that I won't have to type the same suppliers name so many times?
    2. Nice, thanks for that.
    3. I meant copy an entire T, sorry for not making that clear.
    4. Ok, but would it be possible to select more than one temperament?
    What I mean is that some T's might be both defensive and skittish while others are just plain defensive.
  11. 1. I think I can make it the same as the feeder text box, if you haven't tried it, what it does is shows a drop-down list of the feeders you've used/entered from previous feedings.
    3. You can actually copy an existing T info from update T page via the menu, there should be an option 'Duplicate T Info'. T pic, feeding and molt history will not be copied.
    4. Not sure if this can be easily done from the UI. For now the 'others' option is the only way to have multiple temperaments.
  12. 1. Perfect, just what I was aiming for :)
    3. Great, thanks for that information
    4. Ok, I'll use 'others' for now then

    Thanks again for a great app and I hope you don't mind if I advertise your website on some swedish forums?
  13. That would be great! I hope we get more users!:biggrin:
  14. Is it possible to have more than one picture per animal?
    I was thinking it would perhaps be a nice feature to be able to track a T's growth visually :)
  15. It has a gallery for your pictures, one is the 'All Photos' from the 'My Tarantulas' list menu and another from update T page.
    If you've already added (and saved) a pic, click on the picture again to show the 'View Gallery' option.
    Basically, everytime you change your T's profile pic, the older pictures are still available from the gallery for viewing.
  16. Version 1.9 is now available for download!
    Updates and Fixes:
    » Add Sperm Web (beta)
    » Add icons to T list for 'T is in pre-molt' and 'T is sexually mature'
    » Add egg sac icon over T list pic if T has an egg sac status of 'with Mom'
    » (Quick) Add 'Common Name' field in add/edit T info (beta), will also be displayed in the Ts list if not empty
    » (Quick) Add 'Received from' field in add/edit T info (beta)
    » Changed some app icons
    » Fixed 'Ts to Feed' days hungry display when precision is set
    » UI adjustments
    Please download it from http://tarantulas.p3kb.com/
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  17. Thanks alot for the new version, I'm enjoying your app very much.
    I've now added all my tarantulas and since you can add your own species I thought I might add all my snakes as well.

    I thought of another thing that would be "nice to have" though.
    When you search T's, would it be possible to search in the "Common name" field as well?
    This way I would be able to filter out all my baboons or dwarfs for instance. Of course, it would have to be some kind of wild card search.
  18. Yep, added to next release. :biggrin:

    Ohh, the app would work on snakes too??
    How about true spiders, scorps and centi/milli pedes? :eek:oh:
    May be partially? :bruised:
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2014
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  19. Sure, I think it could work for other arachnids as well.
    I use the app mainly to track molts, feedings, age and where all my animals originate from and those things work just as well with snakes.

    The only thing that's a little weird when adding snakes is the word "molt", shedding would be the correct term but that doesn't really matter.

    Well, if the app was to support adding animals other than tarantulas then there should also be a way to filter those out with a checkbox or something similar.
    It's perhaps not optimal to have all the animals in one long list with tarantulas mixed with snakes.
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2014
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  20. lucarelli78

    lucarelli78 Arachnosquire

    Talk about an amazing app, love it and use it every day...but, maybe a new icon for the app on the home screen, just a suggestion?
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