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Introduce Yourself

Discussion in 'Welcome To Arachnoboards' started by Arachnoboards, May 16, 2005.

  1. TiaRantula

    TiaRantula Arachnopeon

    \,,/ hailz all \,,/

    So I am Tia... Have fallen in love with my Pink Toe "Moxie Crimefighter!" Now I plan on collecting a few more, I have my list of Favs in my profile.... so feel free to read all about me.

    I am from Pittsburgh PA LOOKING to use this forum to connect with others in my area PITTSBURGH that breed, or make a few friends in the mean time... so request me... I LOVE NEW FRIENDS!!

    I also play Roller Derby for the Steel City Derby Demons, and I love to Garden! If ya wanna know more just ask!! I dont bite.... although Moxie might!

    THX for reading!
  2. Kikimouse

    Kikimouse Arachnopeon

    Just curious

    Hi, my name is Michelle. I live in Indiana. I'm not a spider hobbyist but am totally fascinated by spiders. I grew up in Australia and am unfamiliar with many of the American species of spider. Whenever I find one in the house (or garden) I need to know what it is and what its habits are. I'm hoping some of the experts on here won't mind helping me with some identifications and questions. My 5-year-old son has asked for a pet spider, so there may be some arachnid family members in the future. I'll be looking here for ideas and information.

  3. magileo

    magileo Arachnopeon

    Long time Invert hobbyist

    Hey there, I'm Al, I have been viewing and reading arachnoboards for the last year or two.
    I managed last week to buy my first Tarantula, a very beautiful juvenile Ecuadorian Bird Eater (Pamphobeteus sp. Machalla), and, knowing that this is not an Ideal beginners T, have been using Arachnoboards as a very valuable source of knowledge. To expand my options and in gratitude to various helpful threads I finally decided to join up.
    I am a student at Nottingham Uni, 21 years old. Just got my driving licence. I look forward to my upcoming experiences with my first T, and hope I can in time even be of help to other forum members.
    I also like motorbikes, games and live concerts
    Nice to meet everyone!
  4. 0rbwebbed

    0rbwebbed Arachnopeon

    Hi All, I've been searching around the Internet for a good site to help me out with my high pride in spiders. I'm new to T's but not to spiders. I have had 2 T's that adult size and they have been with me for a about 6mos now. I say new to T's cuz I am. I have experience with orb weavers before. I've been around spiders since I started walking. Was introduced to me by my grandfather when I was still in the Philippines. And I'm just expanding my spider hobbie to another level. They call me AB for short. Lol.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2011
  5. Jayz159

    Jayz159 Arachnopeon


    Hi all. I'm Kheid and i'm 14. I had a tarantula before but it wouldnt eat so i let it go. My sister worked at a pet store and went i went to visit her i always looked at the tarantulas. a few months ago she died in a car wreck and that made me realize all the stuff me and her had in common. one was interst in T's. So now I have 7 and plan to breed P. metallicas. My best friend liked tarantulas and bugs so that helped the hobby ignite as well. Hoping to have a successful future. :D
  6. Tibs1uk

    Tibs1uk Arachnopeon

    After 40yrs I've finally gone and done it.

    Hi, I'm Ivan, I live in the north of England, ever since being a child I've had an intense fascination with Tarantulas. When I took my kids to the zoo, always made straight for the Insect house to see them.

    I always said I'd get one but never took the plunge. My friend has three so I'm not unfamiliar with what's required, and he's happy to keep me on the correct path, along with you folks on here :worship:

    Last weekend my at my LPS looking in on the Tarantulas, the owner showed me a Grammostola rosea and how docile it was. That was it I had to have it, and the last five days I've been lurking on these forums and other sites learning as much as possible. So I've got my 'pet rock' and registered here, and I must say I'm hooked.

    This rosie is my first Tarantula, but I'm pretty sure it won't be my last :D
  7. derythre

    derythre Arachnopeon

    I've always been fascinated with reptiles , amphibians , and arachnids - especially scorpions . While we have scorpions in SC , I've never seen one in the wild . My wife is a Scorpio , so when I ran into an old dive-buddy that has an exotic pet shop , the Asian Forest Scorpion that he had seemed like a guided discovery . She likes it ... I also did a bit of Civil War and Revolutionary War reenacting over the years ...
  8. Hollowheart

    Hollowheart Arachnopeon

    Hey everyone i am also new to this site, :drool: i love tarantulas i recently found this liking about a year ago when i first purchased my first T my Chilean Rose hair ( have yet to tell if female or not). I instantly fell in love with her and named her Mitika from the Jungle to Jungle. I read so much up on tarantulas and studied their behavior for hours it became an obsession lol. About three months ago i purchased a female Mexican Red Knee and named her Elvira (meaning mistress of the dark), she is a little nervous for her breed but still very docile. Finally about a month ago i decided to further my obsession for these gorgeous creatures and get my hands on a T thats not so "beginner"...a Usambara Orange Starburst Baboon named Fajra (meaning little fire). Still a juvenile id say about the size of my thumb, not sure about the sex yet still too early to tell and waiting on its molt to sex it. :?
  9. audax

    audax Arachnopeon

    Hi my name is Deon, I've always liked spiders I'm not completely in the hobby yet mostly cuz it's not practical right now, but I just found a baby P. audax so I decided to keep it for awhile. I thought it be a good idea to join a forum with knowledgeable people.
  10. Darth Invictus

    Darth Invictus Arachnopeon

    Hi.. again

    I have already registered a long time ago but I think my account is no longer active.
    I am a tarantulas breeder since 1995 and I am specialized in asian & australian species.

  11. applie

    applie Arachnopeon

    Hi all!

    I'm Teresa, 26, and addicted to anything deemed creepy or crawly. I currently have one T, a G Rosea, 2 snakes, 3 dogs, and 2 kids.
    My 3yo son is still a little unsure of it all, while my 5yo daughter is just as obsessed as I am. I would have more creatures, but we just now moved to a house where we have enough room for them. My extra room will now be a sewing/snake/spider room. (woohooo!)
  12. Newbie Introduction

    My name is Terri. I am the mother of 2 boys and I have recently gone back to school. I am a newbie to tarantulas as well as to arachnoboards. Hello to all!
  13. R McP

    R McP Arachnosquire


    Just wanted to introduce myself. I currently don't own any t's but I am planning to get a B. albopilosum. However, I plan on building a cage, which I won't have any time to do untill the weekend of the 20th so I have plenty of time for research and advice. I will have plenty of questions to ask and look forward to talking to some people who know what they are doing.
  14. New Member

    Hello my name is Scotty,This is the start for me.I know very little but,I have found myself Fascinated by the spiders.The spiders that I see while hiking it's amazing now I try to photogragh them.And try to ID them and find information on that spider,And I look forward to this site and it's members. :cool:
    Thanks Scotty
  15. Hy... My name is Davor and I'm from Croatia. I have two tarantulas : L.parahybana ( 5.50 cm) and B.Smithi ( 8.5 cm), and I hope to learn alot from you and this forum :))


    Ps. Sorry about bad english :)
  16. Tloquenehouk

    Hello everyone!! I've been waiting for the boards to be up to check ya'll out. I am the proud mother to 7 tarantulas. I have an 2 year old and 6 ranging in sizes from a nickle to a silver dollar. My tiniest is my White Striped Bird Eater, then I have a curly hair, a Giant White Knee, A Giant Black and White, A Mexican Blonde and a Ecudorian Blue. My bigger girl is a Mexican Fire leg. I had a "pet Rock" for about 16 years before she died and decided that I just had to get a few. They are the best pets imaginable and I love them. I have some questions and can not wait to hear what ya'll have to say. :coffee:
    Tloquenehouk (is my fireleg's name and I thought it would be a good screen name.)
  17. Mulloway69

    Mulloway69 Arachnopeon

    Hey all :) Jason from Australia I have a few T's and have come here often, I joined up so I can get better access around the site. Will call in from time to time to see what you guys are doing :D
  18. Hi all, I'm Megan from South Africa. It all started out with roaches for me just over a year ago, now have 4 thiving colonies (B.Dubia, B.Lateralis, B.fusca and G.portentosa) Have been reading the board for a couple of months now, and currently have 11 T's in my care. So, this is just to say HI and THANKS to all the good advice I've gotten from this site. And without the bag-trick I would never have had the guts to get a pokie.
  19. lizzy5968

    lizzy5968 Arachnopeon

    Excited :)

    Hey everyone my name is Elizabeth and I have often referred to these forums for advice on things but only now have I created an account. I felt it was time to get my feet wet and be more social with people interested in the same things I am instead of being called weird and being so misunderstood. ha. I own scorpions, spiders, other bugs n mammals. Anyways I live in Arizona and got all sorts of cool stuff out here, hope to make some friends on here n share stories, pics, n all that fun stuff! GetAttachment.jpg
  20. moymoy

    moymoy Arachnopeon

    Hi everyone

    I'm James Cruz, a Cebu Arachnida Society member and based in Cebu, Philippines. It's been awhile since I strolled here in the forums, only now
    that I had the time to join so yeah, nice to meet you all here in the forums!


    and yeah, that's me :happy:

    I totally disagree that this interests of mine are for weird people, like, c'mon! I even enjoy my social life looool..
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