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How did you find Arachnoboards?

Discussion in 'Welcome To Arachnoboards' started by ilovebugs, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. DalugnirCC

    DalugnirCC Arachnopeon

    Good ol' Google led me here from research I was doin'. Think you guys were one of the first results I believe, so that's cool :p

    Sought you guys out because I had a bit of an odd question on the cuisine side of things for our spider friends (long story).
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  2. I found it googling for info about Florida Ivory Millipedes and joined up a few weeks later so I could chat to fellow enthusiasts.
    It'll be nice to talk to someone about tarantulas without them going eeee why do you have them/you should stamp on them/they're disgusting etc etc.
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  3. Zed21

    Zed21 Arachnopeon

    I was googling various species of latrodectus and more specifically care for various types and ended up finding this forum. Pretty glad I found this place given how much neat info there is.
  4. CindyMoon

    CindyMoon Arachnopeon

    Same as most people here, through Google. Most questions I had led me here, so I ended up registering. Plus, most of the info I found that seemed legit, was here.
  5. Williefloda90

    Williefloda90 Arachnopeon

    I've known about arachnoboards.com for years (circa 2006) but That was 10 years ago and I wasn't so sure that i'd fit in. I was new to the hobby 10 years ago. I feel more confident in my knowledge now. I had forgotten all about AB for a while, and when i went looking for someone selling a Cobalt Blue, and it brought me back to the good times i used to have waiting for the day i'd fit in amongst people like myself
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  6. My husband had joined the European arachnology boards (something like that) and I was trying to find it, but found this one first. Can't say I'm disappointed.
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  7. chanda

    chanda Arachnoprince Active Member

    I stumbled across arachnoboards quite by accident about six years ago while Google searching something or other bug-related. I don't remember what it was anymore, but most likely it was either care sheets for something I'd recently found/purchased or trying to find a good place to purchase additional bugs. For the first five years or so after I joined, I didn't really participate much - just posted a couple of questions and lurked around, searching the forums for information as needed. Honestly, I felt a little intimidated to just jump in to the discussions with all the people who were so much more knowledgeable than myself, but this year I finally got around to participating actively and - while it can be an incredible time-suck - I am enjoying it immensely.
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  8. Nephrite

    Nephrite Arachnosquire

    I introduced to Arachnoboards from a complete stanger, from about a year and a half now. Here I was at Petco, about a week into my first tarantula, G. Rosea, buying some feeders. While browsing through, I met someone also looking through some feeders. We had a conversation, on what pets we kept. Coincidentally we both cared for T's! I was fairly new to the hobby, so this guy introduced me to arachnoboards, where I fixed false info I got about T's from other sources, and met this great community to learn and laugh. I really wish I asked that guy for a name or something back then, he's probably on these forums right now, but I just don't know the lovely fella that brought me here sadly. But whoever you are in these forums, If you ever read this post, Thank you!
  9. Zsofia

    Zsofia Arachnopeon

    I was Googling for info about some T species.
  10. basin79

    basin79 Arachnoemperor Active Member

    Google at a guess. I came here to sign up recently to find out my username and email address where already being used. Had no idea I'd signed up.

    USMCVET Arachnopeon

    I was directed here by TarantulaSam on Youtube when I was watching one of his videos.
  12. I walked out of a pet shop one day, once again discourage at the price tag listed on the 2-2.5" b. Smithi (149.99) sitting in a horrible tank with water gel as its only method of getting water, I thought...there must be a better way?

    I heard a voice emitting from space itself, or so I thought, I could see no one around, nothing in sight. It is only now that I realize the goddess herself directed me to these forums, she invited me.

    You know, and google
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  13. Rob c videos
  14. Was thinking about getting a T, so I went to my friend google for info and found the board.
  15. Google Search. I don't remember the exact search words, but I had decided I wanted a Brazilian Black and was looking for more info on them.
  16. compnerd7

    compnerd7 Arachnobaron Old Timer

    I think I posted in this thread a few years ago... but what the heck I'll go again because I need the active member posts haha.

    The answer to the question is quite simple and stupid for me.

  17. AmberDawnDays

    AmberDawnDays Arachnoknight

    I belong to a few Facebook groups and in one of the groups a girl posted a pic of her newest T addition. I just loved her pictureson and some videos she was posting. I talked a lot with her and she answered a lot of questions I had. Eventually she told me about this forum, since I had expressed my interest in getting one for myself. She said to come here and I'd find all the info I needed. She was right.
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  18. RickHedge

    RickHedge Arachnopeon

    Was researching for what T I wanted to get, to get myself back into the hobby.
    This site showed up at the top of the search results. I've been lurking for a few months, decided to officially join today.
  19. TimTarantula

    TimTarantula Arachnopeon

    I found it just by searching for information about T's.
  20. Panda

    Panda Arachnopeon

    I just discovered this forum from Facebook!
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