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Enclosure/Terrarium Pictures

Discussion in 'Vivariums and Terrariums' started by Arachnoboards, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. Shawn Smith

    Shawn Smith Arachnopeon Arachnosupporter

    Arboreal Vivarium

    Setup my first vivarium yesterday for my 4-5" A avicularia who has not been moved yet. Ordering springtails and parasite free leaf litter next week for it. Went no background since it will sit on the corner of my desk and I'd like to be able to monitor the back for mold and such. Cork tube stops about 2 inches from the top and will give the spider plenty of hiding (she always seems to hide in them). Plants are a snake plant and 2 pothos for minimal moisture needs and web tolerance.

    She moves in 2-3weeks from now, hopefully all goes well.

    10x10x16 Dreamco Plastics enclosure

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  2. Rhino1

    Rhino1 Arachnoknight

    Communal scorpion terrarium -
    2ft, glass tank.
    Liocheles Waigiensis.

    Substrate is 2/3 peat and 1/3 clay sand with a few large handfuls of red clay mixed through.
    Live moss and fake plants, 3 broken terracotta saucers terraced on the left and two plastic pot halves on the right.
    Added some bark squares to the pots as liocheles appreciate a sweet, sweet crevice-below
    Natural half round log added to give privacy and cover the plastic.
    Added some sticks and leaves, below
    And finally...scorpions.
    I ended up putting one male and 3 good sized adult females in and another three medium sized females in.
    See how it all goes, may have to add some more hides, cheers for looking.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2019
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  3. Yeahhtrue

    Yeahhtrue Arachnopeon

    Here's something I put together with excavator clay for my GBB:



    And here it is a year later:
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  4. Yeahhtrue

    Yeahhtrue Arachnopeon

    This looks awesome...what's the substrate? Did you just collect the soil/clay from outside or was this a mix of some sort?
  5. Derivative

    Derivative Arachnosquire

    Heat Mats are tarantula killers tarantulas aren't like lizards they dont need nor enjoy a basking area. Also those enclosures have to much climbing room for these terrestrials. If they fall they will DIE.
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  6. docwade87

    docwade87 Arachnoknight Active Member

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  7. docwade87

    docwade87 Arachnoknight Active Member

    D. Diamantinensis sling setups
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  8. esa space station

    esa space station Arachnoknight Active Member

    T blondi terraruim

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  9. KenNet

    KenNet Arachnopeon

    Exo Terra Nano Tall. Bioactive setup for my female Poecilotheria miranda and my female Psalmopoeus reduncus. IMG_20181004_100433-01.jpeg IMG_20190417_163123-01.jpeg
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  10. esa space station

    esa space station Arachnoknight Active Member

    T blondi(fem) terraruim

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  11. jonikniemi

    jonikniemi Arachnopeon

    New terrarium for Hapalopus. I love the ventilation on these tanks.
    Btw it was super easy transfer made my job easy.

    0.1 in the picture

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  12. Mattias

    Mattias Arachnopeon

    Sling enclosures.

    P. Irminia
    P. Reduncus
    P. Regalis.


    I don't have apicture of the the slings in them but they seem to like it.
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  13. 825961A8-00A5-4FCA-B315-44A17C2FD422.jpeg 2A594E58-582D-4949-9EB6-16F91F2191BA.jpeg 5A4027BE-B29B-42FF-AB0A-AAC6D652754D.jpeg

    A couple of acrylic enclosures that I designed to compliment each other for my two P irminia juvies that needed a rehouse
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  14. SamiB

    SamiB Arachnopeon

    Would these work for arboreal slings? I’m trying to find something functional and attractive. I would drill holes towards the top for ventilation as well. The dimensions are 4x4 for the largest one

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  15. FeralTami

    FeralTami Arachnopeon

    Made my L. parahybana "Spooky" a new setup, it's my first time trying something more decorative than coconut fibre and a cork bark but I think it turned out pretty nice ^^

    Her old enclosure got a bit cramped for her so I hope she likes the upgrade.


    I used a new mixture of soil I put together using coconut fibre, peat, clay and potting soil.
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  16. 20190619_170846.jpg
    New setup for an OBT, lots (maybe too much lol) of eco earth for burrowing plus some drift wood and mopani wood (and a silk plant) for hiding under and webbing up real good. 5.5 gallons, I want to replace the screen lid with a plexiglass lid too.
  17. Sicarii

    Sicarii Arachnopeon

    Brand new here and haven't even had this setup a week yet, but Avicularia Avicularia (I believe) and Venus Fly Trap in an eyeballed 14x12x18" tank I'd say. 20190627_220047[1].jpg
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  18. KenNet

    KenNet Arachnopeon

    Left: Sericopelma sp. Boquete.
    Right: Pterinochilus murinus.

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  19. Gnarled Gnome

    Gnarled Gnome Arachnoknight Active Member

    20190720_201405.jpg 20190720_201624.jpg
    Damon medius enclosure. Bioactive setup with a waterfall on the right and intermittent fog. It has a nice micro fauna ecosystem going, with some terrestrial snails, springtails, a couple small millipede species, and some big nematodes. Occasional mini-mushrooms. I'm going to try to get glowing mushrooms growing in here.
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  20. overwrite123

    overwrite123 Arachnopeon

    150mm*150mm*70mm for a juvenile Nhandu tripepii.

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