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Enclosure/Terrarium Pictures

Discussion in 'Vivariums and Terrariums' started by Arachnoboards, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. Nonnack

    Nonnack Arachnoknight

    Its just grass that I gathered in my backyard. It is dead actually because I dried it for about week on heater. It kept the color, part of it is yellow because it is winter, but I like it this way, it fits this 'dry look' of enclosure.
    Succulents are very hard, and looks good in dry terrariums. Easy to keep alive, but don't be surprised if you one day will see your plant, butchered by your T ;)
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  2. Hi! I've been wanting to make a terrarium for terrestrials. Any tips, do's, dont's? I have 3 slings and I'd love to start working on a terrarium/ vivarium just for display.
  3. Nonnack

    Nonnack Arachnoknight

    There are lot of different techniques, and ways to set up T enclosure. I have seen many nice tutorials on youtube, there you can see how ppl do it from scratch.
    Just remember terrarium need to provide good living conditions for T. All the decoration, and nice looking setup is for you not for T and is not so important;)
    Also when building terrarium its is good to know your spider well. That way its easier to plan setup, to predict where it will make hide, and what damage it can do to decorations and plants ;)
    Also you can practice with small enclosures. Even small one can look really nice. This is my setup for juvi GBB, just a little critter keeper, but looking quite interesting.

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  4. KeiraJ

    KeiraJ Arachnopeon

    New rainforest enclosure for my C. Versicolour

    What do we think??

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  5. Nonnack

    Nonnack Arachnoknight

    To bo honest, it doesn't really look like its made for C versicolor. T will probably make web hide just under the cover, and you will destroy it every time you open container. For sure it will not use that pot as a hide.
    On the other hand if you put this container upright it may do;) And what is this green grass like stuff, is it real?
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  6. KeiraJ

    KeiraJ Arachnopeon

    Atm it's a 4cm sling. So I've given it plenty of room to play with. Just expecting him to web up using the vines.

    No the grass is artificial. Am trying to replicate a jungle. And I'm aware he likely won't use it but I'm offering as much choice of foliage and cover as possible while he is still small.
  7. VisuaLynnArt

    VisuaLynnArt Arachnopeon

    IMG_4933.JPG Phidippus regius enclosure!
    30x30x30cm EXO TERRA
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  8. Pokie11

    Pokie11 Arachnosquire

    This is my N.incei enclosure. Not as fancy as other enclosures here, but it still looks kinda nice.

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  9. I would do the following improvements on a Jamie's juvenile enclosure to better handle "exuberant" arboreal tarantulas.

    Sadly enough, same size as that crappy Versicolor cage I was stuck with. Drat same size 2.jpg Drat same size 1.jpg
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  10. pirminiamac

    pirminiamac Arachnosquire Active Member

    Still a work in progress atm, it's just home to one retired male H.kalimantan :happy:

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  11. Dawid

    Dawid Arachnopeon

    Hi everybody!

    Here I want to show you a couple of my enclosures. In the first one lives a Brachypelma boehmei, the second one, the „greener-one“ is the home of a Brachypelma albopilosum. I hope you like it!

    Greetings from Germany

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  12. Nonnack

    Nonnack Arachnoknight

    Looks nice, but I hope the hide in first one isn't made from big heavy stone;)
  13. Dawid

    Dawid Arachnopeon

    Actually it is. But the stone lies on the ground of the enclosure. So it is safe for the spider. In addition, the ground consists of loamy earth. This gives additional stability.
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  14. Hias

    Hias Arachnopeon

    Dry setup. 20180410_191748.jpg
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  15. Atx512

    Atx512 Arachnopeon

    My T. Stirmi molted so he got a new home. 20gal long
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  16. Kymura

    Kymura Arachnoknight

    larger sling boxes, I utilize collectible card boxes ^.^[​IMG]
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  17. Sicarius1

    Sicarius1 Arachnopeon Active Member

    The queens layer. P. Regalis . Still under construction. Arboreal. 10 gallon inverted. Modified tank.

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  18. Campi95

    Campi95 Arachnosquire


    Adult enclosure from Jamie’s Tarantulas

    For a juvenile-adultish G. pulchripes

    He was by far the most “stressed out” of my collection so i thought a zen garden would do him good. The “water” was done with aquarium gravel, and all the decorations were bought at a petco in the aquarium section. And yes, a water dish was added just after taking this pic.
  19. Hias

    Hias Arachnopeon

    The beginning of a Terra for P. carpenteri.

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  20. lordOglefore

    lordOglefore Arachnopeon

    Hello this is my first post so please be kind, I believe I am posting in the right area please move my post if not.

    I’d like to post the start to finish of my GBB exoterra oldschool alien taking over gas-station scene.

    This was a lot of work and diligence, and I’m very excited about the final product. Please do give suggestions

    My spider is a green bottle blue I’ve had from the size of a dime. I still am unsure of the sex, they’ve just molted before moving into the new inclosure (I waited a week and a half before doing anything)

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