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Avicularia avicularia


Old Timer
Jul 31, 2007
And another one.

Female: Av_av_7

Female's most recent molt: Unknown. She has not molted yet in my care.

Male: Av_av_8

Male's most recent molt: Unknown. Purchased as UM.

Total number of pairings: 1

Date of pairing: 14/Jan/10

Eggsac found: 3/Apr/10

Eggsac Pulled: 23/Apr/10

1st Instar molt: Unknown. They were first instar when the eggsac was opened.

2nd instar molt: 13/May/10

Total spiderlings: 58



Old Timer
Oct 11, 2009
Female Size 4.5"
Female's most recent molt: 02/10/2010

Male: 4.5" from AB user Venari
Male received: 02/18/2010

Total number of pairings: 2 official with cohabitation following

20100210, reviewed molt for spermathecae, confirmed female
20100222, ate first meal since molt
20100223, ate entire male dubia
20100228, ate entire large juvenile dubia
20100301, Paired with male at 1:45pm, Went VERY successfully, with many insertions
20100304, ate entire large juvenile dubia.
20100305, Paired with Male at 3:00pm, Went very successfully, clearly viewed insertions
20100307, cohabiting with male, female interest seems to be dwindling
20100311, male returned to his enclosure
20100314, male returned to females enclosure, no interest noticed
20100318, female appears slightly 'chubby' which could be caused by the number of food items she's had or could be early signs of being gravid. Male returned to his enclosure.
20100416, candled yellow
20100429, has secured herself in a chamber, atleast for the last 2 days.
20100524, sack pulled. Size of golf ball. All eggs appear good. Put into incubation chamber. Egg count is 98. Will pair again in 3 weeks.
20100526, eggs beginning to hatch into eggs with legs
20100527, all but 9 or 10 hatched into eggs w/legs
20100530, paired with Male again.
20100531, being to hatch into first instar
20100607, some die off. Pulled bad eggs, 4 eggs w/legs dead, a couple first instar dead that were stuck to the dead eggs w/legs. Some appear to be darkening
20100707, molting into 2nd instar

Eggs: 98
Eggs w/Legs: 88
1st Instar: 84
2nd instar: 78

Pairing #1:

Pairing #2:



Old Timer
Jul 31, 2007
Female number: Av_av_13

Female's most recent molt: 17-Jun-10

Male number: Av_av_9

Male's ultimate molt: 3-Sep-10

First pairing: 20-Jul-10

Final pairing: 3-Sep-10

Total number of pairings: 2

Eggsac found: 16-Sep-10

Eggsac pulled: 14-Oct-10

Stage of slings when pulled: 1st Instars

2nd instar molt date: 27-Oct-10



Old Timer
Mar 2, 2009

No special treatment was given to either the male or the female prior to introduction. Both were fed a few days prior.

1st pairing occurred 4/25/10. Male was placed inside female's enclosure. Once the male found the female's webbing, he began drumming. She responded by drumming heavily almost immediately. She approached him and mating soon followed. Several insertions were witnessed and the two remained paired for about 5 minutes before the male withdrew. He was left with the female to co-hab. He was found consumed a week later.

Female was kept in our spider room (temp 72-75, humidity 60%) and fed weekly (1 sub adult or adult dubia OR 4-6 large crickets). She was also misted weekly.

Female refused food 7/27/10. Begins webbing herself in.

Sac was produced 7/30/10. She did not accept food while holding the sac, but I continued to mist her once weekly as she did not attempt to go near her water dish either. I did witness her leave the sac to drink water from her web after misting.

Sac was pulled 9/26/10. We found 60 post embryos darkening for 2nd instar molt. 2 eggs were black (bad).

Babies molted to 2nd instar 10/7/10-10/8/10. Final count 58. 2 post embryos died before molting.



Old Timer
Jul 31, 2007

Female number: Av_av_2

Female's most recent molt: 23-Dec-10

Total Molts Since Previous Eggsac: 1

Male number: Av_av_9

Male's ultimate molt: 10-Jul-10

First pairing: 8-Jan-11

Final pairing: 8-Jan-11

Total number of pairings: 1

Eggsac found: 14 April 11

Eggsac pulled: 4-May-11

Stage of slings when pulled: Post Embryos

1st instar molt date: 15-May-11

2nd instar molt date: 31-May-11



Old Timer
Jan 17, 2011

Females last molt
August of 2012

Began pairing her with a small (3.5" max) loaned male on 12/19/12
2 other pairing sessions took place throughout December, however only 1 had action

Around January 20th of 2013 the female began prepping her enclosure for a sack. No special care was provided up until that point.
January 27th of 2013 i flooded her enclosure and upped the heat.
January 29th of 2013 she made a sack.

I left the sack with the mom until February 28th of 2013. During the time the mom was with the sack I continued to saturate/flood the back half of her enclosures substrate via vent holes about once weekly the whole duration. I made sure water was never anywhere near the sack. I also kept a heat lamp about 6-8" away from the enclosure the whole 30 days, both during the day and at night.

When i pulled the sack they were already 1i (maybe an ewl or two in mid molt) and the total count was 97. Ive separated them up already into condiment cups, and noticed that 3 of them are already eating sackmates, bringing the total count to 94 at this point.

photos and more details can be seen here


May 23, 2012
Successful hatch

A.avicularia paired 10/23/13, 10/24, 10/26 and 10/28

11/6 Female laying down large amount of web, looks gravid
11/16 Good sized egg sac laid overnight
12/16 Sac pulled 90-100 eggs at 1st instar

12/18 pulled all bad eggs and dead slings , 65 remain
12/23 2nd instar molts , removed dead or misshapen slings, 50 remain
1/14/14 Slings are darkening and more dying off, 37 remain

1/18 3rd instar molts, 35 remain
1/20 last of the 3rd instar molts 31 remain

My very first successful hatch !