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Avicularia avicularia

Discussion in 'Breeding Reports' started by Lycanthrope, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. ScorpDemon

    ScorpDemon ArachnoScorpion Old Timer

    Well one of the sacs went bad.. about half the eggs in the other one dried out. But I did have 53 spiderlings that made it to 2nd instar, 3 of those had part of a shed stuck to their booklungs and have since died. So I have 50 happy, healthy spiderlings. Not a total loss, it could have been a lot worse.

  2. Hedorah99

    Hedorah99 Arachnoprince Old Timer

    All molted out into slings this week. Seperated them all out. 87 total with two that never molted into slings.
  3. Ronald

    Ronald Arachnopeon

    Successful so far

    on August 22 2007: I picked-up a male pink toe from Local pet shop.

    August 23 2007: I introduced the male into a cage with my two females that have co-existed since I purchased them over six months ago.

    August 26 2007: I observed the male pink toe Successfully Mating with female 1.

    September 12 2007: At 9:00 pm I noticed Female 1 making an egg sack. Female 1 made her egg sack 21 day after introduction of male.:cool:
  4. Snipes

    Snipes Arachnoprince Old Timer


    4-26-07 Successful mating. Female seemed very eager and male was able to make several insertions
    5-3-07 Second mating success.
    5-10-07 Female rejected male by running away and pushing him, male was sent on.
    7-20-07 Sac laid -84 days since first mating
    8-18-07 Sac pulled, eggs with legs
    8-22-07 Eggs with legs molted to 1st instar
    9-26-07 1st instar molted to 2nd instar -68 days after sack laid
    2 died before reaching 2nd instar and 84 have made it to 2nd instar.

    Special Notes:
    I suspected the female of not taking care of her sac as I saw her several times without the sac, and I took it on 8-4-07. The eggs looked good and she had grabbed the sac as i was trying to take it. I was unsure of my ability to be able to turn the sac as often as I would hope I stitched it up and gave it back the next day, watching her closely. She was a very good mother and cared for the sac until it was pulled for good.

  5. kitty_b

    kitty_b Arachnoprince

    received a male on loan a little over a week ago. let him settle in and eat until i saw what appeared to be the remains of a sperm web.

    introduced the male to my female today. female drummed but was easily spooked. male quivered and finally got up the nerve to advance. i believe there were inserts, but i couldn't see too clearly through the corner of the cage. they finally lost their grip and fell (an inch or two) to the floor. female retreated, male looked satisfied and willingly returned to his own container.

    will try again in 1-2 weeks, if another sperm web is made.
  6. Success!!

    Female #1
    Molt 5-3-07
    Molt 8-18-07 to about 4”
    Female #2
    Last sac laid on 6-4-07
    Molt 10-6-07 to about 4”
    Matured 9-26-07

    Both females were acquired on 11-3-07 and placed in medium sized critter keepers, equivalent to a 2.5 gallon aquarium. The keepers were kept vertically and contained coir on the bottom and had silk plants leaning up on one side for web construction. They were misted every other day, and had 4/5 of the lid covered by saran wrap to hold in humidity. They were fed a combo of B. dubia and crickets before being introduced to the male.
    The male was acquired on 11-9-07, and was kept in a gallon jar with water and plant.

    1st Mating with Female #1 11-9-07
    The male was placed just inside the cage on the lower right side. Female was on the upper left wall. Upon entering, the female begins drumming, but male seems lethargic and unresponsive. Male soon finds the water dish and drinks for a few minutes. Almost as soon as he is finished, he begins drumming back and the two take about 5-8 minutes drumming and inching closer. Eventually, they close the gap and start jostling for position until he lifts her and as many as 8-12 insertions are made. They split and he retreats. He was placed back into his cage.

    I a couple of days, I put the male in with Female #2 and left him for two weeks. I saw a successful mating on 11-18-07, and heard lots of “confrontations” between the two which lead me to believe there may have been more matings. I NEVER witnessed any drumming from either female with the exception of the very first time the male and Female #1 were paired. After a couple of weeks, I stuck the male with Female #1 again, and left him for a week and a half. I kept this up until 12-5-07, when I was forced to remove the male so that he wouldn’t be eaten (he was pretty endearing!). I left the females in my bedroom, which does receive plenty of foot traffic and noise, and did not cover them up. I went away for winter break on 12-18-07 and I made sure they had water and were fed well. Before leaving, I had been offering them everything they could eat. They both were tong fed. Upon returning on 1-6-08, I saw that Female #1 had webbed herself into a corner. She stayed like this for a week, adding to the layers, and started her bowl in the wee hours of 1-13-08. The sac was dropped on 1-14-07, and no special care was given other than misting every 5 or 6 days and water dish at all times (only had to refill it once).
    I should mention that I play the bassoon, and did indeed practice in the rooms next to them, for hours at a time.

    Female #2 built her web retreat very gradually, and dropped her sac on 1-31-08. They were both kept on an upper shelf in my closet from 12-18 til now.

    I pulled Female #1’s sac on 2-8-08, and saw good egg development, but no eggs w/legs. The eggs were a light yellow in color, and looked kind of “dusty”, if that’s the correct word….I sewed up the sac and gave it back to her.

    I pulled the sac for good on 2-19-08, and to my surprise and wonder, found 81 1st instar (I think?)
    That brings us to now. I will update when I get something worth updating about.
    :D :D :D :D :D

    Female #1: 67 days until sac, pulled at day 37
    Female #2: 84 days until sac, will pull soon
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2008
  7. Aubrey Sidwell

    Aubrey Sidwell Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Successful A. avicularia hatchout!

    I received a MM A. avic from AB user "tinacouch". My female bred with him and then molted. I didn't want the breeding loan to be a dissapointment as they often are so I picked up another female. The seller knew nothing about when she last molted so I just took a chance based on her fresh looking appearance.

    Needless to say one month after she was bred she began work on a cocoon to seal herself in and constructed an egg sac. That was on April 28th 2008. This morning May 22nd 2008 I pulled the egg sac and held my breath.....

    Mom in home with egg sac...

    Mom holding egg sac after I opened her cocoon...

    Egg sac removed...

    Egg sac opened...

    Post embryo spiderlings in hammock...

  8. samsbugs

    samsbugs Arachnoknight Old Timer


    I was at a Petco getting some things for my dogs when I found a freshly molted MM A. Avic. so naturaly I got him for my females. I put him in with 1 female (molt date) was verry fresh, the others molted a long time ago and did not molt in time to use the male on them. On 2-10-08 the first breeding took place and continued for several weeks, the male died on 04-15-08 and the eggsack was made overnight at 6:00am the next day is when I noticed it. As of now I currently have about 120 well developed eggs/with leggs!!!!!!
  9. Oasis Inverts

    Oasis Inverts Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Well I found this in her cage this morning....

    Temperature: 80 Degrees F
    Lighting Conditions: Dimmed

    Female - Aviculaira aviculaira - Info: 4 ½” Female molted on 6/19/2008. And she was mated a total of 7 times with 2 different males over the course of a month the first breeding took place from 8/1/08 - 9/2/08

    Male#1 - Aviculaira aviculaira Info: 5" Matured Male. molted on 7/3/08
    Male#2 - Aviculaira avicularia Info: 4 ½” Mature Male molt date unknown

    Male#1-Male#2 Was placed into the females enclosure and settled down on the side of her enclosure each time for several minutes. Then started tapping he then walked over to her but then would stop, He then would approach the female from behind...

    The female would instantly turn toward him did a little short drumming. He initiated the mating at that time,They would lift her front legs. They gently would touch her front 2 set of legs slowly lifting her and walked her backwards slightly just enough to pull her abdomen closer to them. While doing this he used his pedipalps to drum rapidly on her belly while lifting her up and arching her backwards. Each one of males would breed the female over the course of a month....

    Sac laid 9/28/08

    Picture of mom with her sac:
  10. Pestilence

    Pestilence Arachnobaron

    Date of Mating: July 25, 2008 onwards
    Number of Successful inserts: 19 times
    Date of Sac: Oct 8,2008

    Notes: Made Eggsac on Cork bark




    Will take the sac after 30days.
  11. Pestilence

    Pestilence Arachnobaron


    After 35 days I opened the sac and there are bad eggs but some of them are eggs with legs already.
  12. Successful!!!

    The female was mated with a loaned male on 9/6/08.
    Eggsack produced 11/8/08
    on 12/14/08, with help from a friend (THANKS KATY), eggsack was opened!! 80-90 little buggers and 0 bad eggs. So far so good!

    Will keep everyone posted

  13. equuskat

    equuskat Arachnoprince

    Man, that was so exciting. :D
    Also wanted to note that the babies looked freshly molted into 1st instar as of the day we opened the sac.

    They are being kept in a coffee filter raised above water in a deli cup. All babies were wiggly and FAT!

  14. Pestilence

    Pestilence Arachnobaron

    Mating: 3 months ago
    Number of Mating: 12 successful mating
    Date of Sac: Dec 22,08

    This Female is smaller compared to my first female. made an eggsac elevated from the ground. will pull the sac after 30 days.

  15. bobsleaf

    bobsleaf Arachnoknight

    Just discovered an egg sac (my first) in with my Avic avic.

    Female barricaded herself into hollow log in her tank about 4-5 days ago, blocking access to her cohabiting male in the process. Will allow her to hang onto them for another 28 days, then will transfer them into a filter paper incubator.

    Wish me and the eggs luck - will post an update soon.
  16. bobsleaf

    bobsleaf Arachnoknight

    I pulled the sac today - not great. Out of around 50 eggs, only around 15 were any good. All the rest have gone bad. :?

    Fingers crossed that I get a few little ones out of the remaining eggs, but I'm keeping my expectations low.
  17. ~Drummer215~

    ~Drummer215~ Arachnosquire

    positive so far so good

    Paired 2x at the end of october
    Made sac 30 days after being mated
    Nothing special jus introduced the male and he did his thing both times female accepted willingly and she was fed every day 3x a day 1 latt female or 1 adult adult female dubia
    I pulled sac on the 19 day opened and found a bunch of firtile eggs to many to count at least 75+ for sure will count later
    Day 20 checked them out and they are molting into eggs with legs I'm so happy will post pics soon and a count
  18. French Guyanan Pink-Toe

    Avicularia Avicularia: Finally I can report a complete breeding success.

    On 7-29-09 I introduced a mature male Avic to my Females enclosure, a Tall Hexagon aquarium w/ compact fourescent 50-50 light and live plants.

    She was allowed to establish herself in tank for a couple months before this attempt.

    Within 3 seconds there was vibrant tapping, turning to intensely loud drumming and vibrating........within 10 seconds he was at the top of her tube web....And she was quite curious and plump!

    Lock-up and breeding occured very Quickly! I left him in for three days...

    She was Not cool with him "Sleeping Over"......about a week later, I left him in with her for 2 good weeks, till a "noticable" tension was building....He was basically chasing her around, and outta Web comfort zone! Sperm webs seen.

    I removed male to females pleasing......she ate a couple sm. crix and roaches.

    On 9-21-09 my first Ever eggsack from a tarantula! Web reinforcement was noticed in week prior to depositing eggs. {C.R. Tiger-Rump sack same night as well! Eaten after 45-days}

    I removed the sack on 11-02-09 for artificial incubation, because of the Costa Rican "incident" :( Even though, I feel she would have been good mommy. Within first week, there were eggs-w/ legs......But, as winter approached.....Temps dropped harshly....and the eggs slowed in development.

    On 1-02-10 I had my first 2nd Instar! Intestingly enough...The slings were seperated into 2 containers......One kept darker and warmer near red-lamp
    {Not too dry} And one in same cage and environ as incubated...And those slings, EVEN though colder......molted to 3rd Instar, yet none of warmer ones have yet to. All eggs were fertile......and 3 were eatin' during end of incubation by others {fatter 3 seen eating} 3 deaths in each container also.

    Estimated babies: 80, by a 3 3/4" Female......who is now bred again... {different MM}.....I'll update if there is a DBL. Clutch. ;)

    I am very proud of her....and will raise some offspring to continue generations.

    Thanx 4 everyones Help.....Although this is Not exactly "rocket-science"

    - Jason J. Brown
  19. Successful: Yes.
    Any special care, or preliminary notes for the lovers: Male and female were both fed heavily prior to introduction.
    How they were paired: All pairings took place inside the female's enclosure and were closely supervised. I had previously observed the female displaying some testy behavior toward the male, so I was prepared to rescue him if necessary.
    Any observations on the hookup: The first pairing occurred very quickly. Both were eager and very receptive. They were first paired on September 24, 2009, and again on three subsequent occasions, with the final pairing on October 7, 2009. During the final pairing, the female was a bit reluctant, but eventually allowed at least one insertion.
    Any special post mating care: The female was rehoused twice due to a Tapinoma melanocephalum (ghost ant) infestation.
    Time to sac: The sac was producted on January 21, 2010.
    Care of the the sac: I left the sac with the female until March 15, 2010.
    Time to emerge/hatch: When I pulled the sac on day 53, I had nice fat eggs with legs.
    The final details: I have still not counted them, but all appear to be healthy and are currently darkening up in preparation for molt. I would estimate that there are 75 or so post-embryos.


    Mom and dad's last date:

    Last photo of dad (running for the hills after mom threatened to munch him):

    Mom with her babies:
  20. Jmugleston

    Jmugleston Arachnoprince Old Timer


    Female: Av_av_2

    Male: Av_av_1 and Av_av_8

    First Pairing: 10/Aug/09

    Final Pairing: 30/Jan/10

    Total Pairings: 6+

    Eggsac Found: 5/Mar/10

    Eggsac Pulled: 22/Mar/10

    1st Instars: When pulled

    2nd Instars: 4/12/10

    Total slings: 60





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