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Tarantula Avicularia avicularia

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  1. LuiziBee

    LuiziBee Arachnobaron

    "Breeding was easy."
    Initial Breeding Date:
    Apr 2, 2016
    Special Notes:
    Heavily fed the female for about a week before pairing.
    I used one male for pairing. Introduced him into females enclosure, however each actual pairing took place on the outer walls of her enclosure (as it was a little small for them both to move about).
    My plan was to pair once a week until there were 3 successful pairings. Every other pairing was unsuccessful (female more vigorous than the male and would scared him). So I would feed them both and try again the very next day for another successful pairing, and repeat again the next week.
    Post Mating Care:
    Rehoused female May 20th.

    Flooded females enclosure May 28th.

    Temperatures raised from 70-75 to 75-80 on May 28th.
    Time & Care:
    Female dropped sac 70 days from initial pairing. I left the female alone with it. Pulled sac at day 26. Opened sac same day I pulled to find first instars. None were bad.
    Final Details:
    Molted into second instars, 28 days after pulling sac. 100 made it to second instar from my original 167 first instars.
    This was a very easy pairing and I saw no defensiveness from either during the entire process.

    Here's a little extra information:

    Female molted: February 11, 2016

    Male matured: February 21, 2016

    Recieved male: April 1, 2016

    Female was very aggressively trying to pair with the male. During one pairing, she was so vigorous she knocked him down, where he landed on his back and crawled away from her on the carpet on his back several inches. It was an unusual sight. She continued tapping for him.